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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Barnett named UW-Teaching Academy Fellow

Susanne Barnett, assistant professor (CHS) in the Pharmacy Practice Division, will be among 10 peers inducted as a 2015 Teaching Academy Fellow.

Fellowship in the UW-Teaching Academy is an honor bestowed on individuals who have demonstrated teaching excellence, are recognized and nominated by their peers, and are committed to advancing the mission of the Academy. Fellows have a minimum of three years of experience as an educator at UW-Madison and have been formally recognized by their peers as having:

  • demonstrated teaching excellence
  • demonstrated substantial service or leadership in education at UW-Madison, and
  • expressed a willingness to be active participants in Teaching Academy events and governance

Orly Vardeny, associate professor (CHS) in the Pharmacy Practice Division, nominated Barnett. Barnett’s area of clinical practice is infections disease. Her research interests are educational based scholarship and improving the health literacy of patients through adequate training and awareness of healthcare professionals.

Barnett will be honored at The UW-Teaching Academy 2015 Induction Ceremony held April 30, 2015.