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Dr. Weiping Tang’s CV

In our lab, students and postdocs will receive training in many aspects of drug discovery such as organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, assay development, and chemical biology.

Group members also have opportunities to collaborate with Medicinal Chemistry Center.

Prospective graduate students should apply for the Ph.D. program of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Postdoctoral applicants should send their resume and research summary to weiping.tang@wisc.edu.

Contact Information: Phone: (608) 890-1846 (office); (608)-262-4888 (lab)  | Office: 7125 Rennebohm Hall

We are interested in the following areas of research:

Organic Synthesis:
We are interested in developing novel reactions for the synthesis of carbo- and heterocycles that are present in diverse bioactive polycyclic natural products and pharmaceutical agents. Currently, we are working on developing new methods for the synthesis of indole-containing heterocycles and various carbohydrates.

Medicinal Chemistry:
We are interested in developing novel small molecules for treating human diseases and facilitating the study of complex cellular events. By collaborating with biologists in pharmaceutical companies and UW-Madison, we are currently developing novel compounds for the treatment of hyperlipidemia, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and infectious diseases.

Chemical Biology:
We are interested in dissecting the complex biological pathways by novel small molecule probes. We are currently developing small molecules that can selectively perturb the secretory pathways and epigenetic modifications.