Kwon Lab Equipment

  • Agilent 1100 HPLC system equipped with a UV-VIS diode array detector and GPC analysis software
  • Baker laminar flow tissue culture hood
  • Thermo Sci cytocentrifuge
  • Incubators
  • Nikon light microscope
  • Tissue homogenizer
  • Biorad gel electrophoresis system
  • Biorad trans-blot chambers/power supplies
  • Freezone 4.5 freeze dryer
  • Fume hoods
  • Vacuum oven
  • Microwave oven
  • Labconco HEPA safety hood
  • Fisher & Precision water baths
  • Sonication baths
  • pH meter
  • GYROMAX 737 orbital shaker incubator

Other Equipment

  • Digital caliper
  • Rodent restrainer
  • Electronic razor
  • Isoflurane vaporizer

School of Pharmacy Centers & Groups


WisCNano at the UW–Madison School of Pharmacy promotes research and scholarship in nanomedicine devoted to nanotechnology-based platforms that prevent, diagnose, surveil, and treat various types of disease, including cancer. Dr. Kwon is a founding member of the center.

Medicinal Chemistry Center

The MCC at the UW–Madison School of Pharmacy integrates well-established, translational science infrastructure with core expertise in all facets of drug discovery and development. MCC leverages preexisting capabilities in compound screening, hit-to-lead optimization, pharmacokinetic analysis and formulation assessment, and combines it with expanded synthetic medicinal chemistry resources.

Drug Delivery Core

Pharmaceutical Sciences Division

Key Facilities & Services

Analytical Instrumentation Center

The AIC at the UW–Madison School of Pharmacy supports and fosters the research enterprise within the School of Pharmacy, across the University of Wisconsin campus, and beyond, as opportunities exist, by providing state-of-the-art instrumentation and ancillary equipment, mainly NMR and mass spectroscopy, and expertise in its use and application.

UW Carbone Cancer Center Shared Services (UWCCCSS)

As a member of the UWCCC, Dr. Kwon has the full use and subsidized costs of all shared services. Access is available to university support services including University Stores and Purchasing, Safety Department, Physical Plant and Biological Safety, Animal Use, and Human Use Committees.  University fee-for-service support is available including the machine shop, electronics, Medical Illustration and Photography, and DOIT computer support.

Animal Facility

Accredited by AAALAC, the 30,000 sq. ft. facility is available for in vivo studies. The facility has specialized areas for sterile surgery, radiology, necropsy, diagnosis, and storage.

UW Small Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF)

SAIF houses state-of-the-art small animal imaging equipment for UWCCC members:

  • Siemens Inveon hybrid microPET/CT
  • Siemens CATII microCT
  • Faxitron UltrafocusDXA
  • PerkinElmer Wizard2 gamma counter
  • IVIS Spectrum Optical Imaging System
  • Fluobeam NIR hand-held imaging system
  • Varian 4.7T MRI imaging system
  • Fujifilm Visual Sonics VevoLAZR2100 ultrasound imaging system
  • Abaxis HM5 hematologic analyzer

Several Siemens (IRW), Image J, GIMP, VivoQuant, and Amira-based image reconstruction and analysis workstations are available. An adjacent animal facility contains the latest ventilated rodent cage systems.