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The Team Education and Adherence Monitoring (TEAM) Trial is a randomized controlled trial team-home- TEAM studytesting a multistep intervention for improving adherence monitoring and intervention among hypertensive African Americans in 28 corporately owned community pharmacies in five Wisconsin cities. Patients in the 14 control pharmacies received “usual care” and patients in the 14 intervention pharmacies received TEAM Care by specially trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working collaboratively with patients and physicians. Data collectors screened 1250 African American patients and enrolled 576 hypertensive African American patients. The primary endpoints were the proportion of patients achieving blood pressure (BP) control and reductions in systolic and diastolic BP measured after 6 and 12 months. Secondary endpoints were changes in adherence monitoring and intervention, patient adherence and barriers to adherence, prescribing, and cost-effectiveness. Researchers also examined covariates and barriers to change.

Involving pharmacists is a potentially powerful means of improving BP control in African Americans. Pharmacists are in an excellent position to monitor patients between clinic visits and to provide useful information to patients and their physicians.

Funding provided by: Grant #R01 HL78580

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Contact Principal Investigator: Bonnie L. Svarstad, Ph.D.