Team Professional Affairs


Team Professional Affairs consists of 5 Liaisons and the Professionalism Co-Chairs.

Please see Board Members Page for detailed description of the positions.

If any questions, please contact them via email listed.


90 Second Policy Update- February 2017

  1. PSW legislative day
    1. Registration is $35, WSPS will reimburse $10
      1. Includes breakfast and lunch
    2. Dean sponsoring buses (link in student announcements)
    3. If you do not put in a legislator’s name then you need to contact PSW to say that you still want to meet with someone
  2. Provider status
    1. Reintroduced to US house of representatives on January 20th
      1. Ron Kind (D-WI) was one of the sponsors
      2. 107 original cosponsors
    2. Local
      1. Legislative Day
      2. Community hour: Legislative Day Prep 2/14
    3. National
      1. Executive order on 1/20 scale back of ACA
      2. ACA may not be replaced until next year
      3. Now saying that legislation will be finished this year but may take longer implement