Team Professional Affairs


Team Professional Affairs consists of 5 Liaisons and the Professionalism Co-Chairs.

Please see Board Members Page for detailed description of the positions.

If any questions, please contact them via email listed.


90 Second Policy Update- March 2017

  1. Federal
    1. Bill to prevent PBM clawbacks introduced
    2. Medicaid professional dispensing fee changes going into effect on April 1st
  2. Wisconsin
    1. Legislative day – record turnout
    2. Intern immunization – we have a champion for this bill
      1. Bill to allow interns to immunize children 6 years and older
    3. Red Tape Review is being circulated
      1. Bill to remove certain restrictions
    4. 7 day emergency refills will probably pass
      1. Bill to allow pharmacists to supply patients with emergency refills