PSW-United Way Project

United Way-PSW Safe and Healthy Aging Initiative


The Issue:

Dane county is aging. Up to 18% of Dane County’s population will be the age of 65 or older by 2030. Falls and adverse drug events lead to loss of independence, increased health care costs and decreased quality of life. Adults 65 or older taking 5 or more medications have a greater than 50% risk of a negative drug reaction. When the number of medications increases to 8, that likelihood rises to 100%. Adverse drug events can lead to nausea, dizziness, delirium falls, incontinence and increased risk of bleeding. Falls and adverse drug events are PREVENTABLE!

The Goal:

The United Way-PSW Safe and Healthy Aging Initiative goal is to reduce the number of falls and adverse drug events by senior citizens across Dane County. One way to manage falls and adverse drug events is to manage medications and screen for drug interactions. Community pharmacists provide one-hour long comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) to senior citizens at local senior centers. Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC) is an initiative of PSW which connects community pharmacists with patients, physicians and health care plans to improve the quality and reduce the cost of medication use across Wisconsin. With involvement from local WPQC qualified pharmacists, United Way of Dane County’s goal is to keep people as healthy, safe and independent as possible.

Get Involved!

Beginning as a DPH-2, pharmacy students are able to sign-up to participate in comprehensive medication review (CMR) events. CMR events take place throughout Dane County at various participating senior centers and other locations. Students will team up with a WPQC certified pharmacist to provide a CMR for patients. The student will be directly assisting the pharmacist by obtaining an accurate medication history prior to pharmacist consultation. This provides an opportunity for the student to witness WPQC measures first hand.

Event sign-ups are created through the Sign-Up Genius website.

Please contact Meredith Frey at with any questions.