Social & Induction

This committee is responsible for organizing and planning social events for the PLS members, communicating with other pharmacy organizations, and planning the Induction Ceremony (food, programs, certificates, pins).

Past Social Events: 

  • Easter Egg Decorating
  • Potluck Meetings 
  • All-Greek Scavenger Hunt
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Group Dinner 

PLS/Rho Chi Scavenger Hunt (10/1/16 ): PLS social/induction chair Katherine Beach and Rho Chi social chair Zak Degrave teamed up to plan a scavenger hunt around the entire UW Campus. Starting at the pharmacy school, two integrated teams competed to solve riddles, search for clues and run around the campus. The final clue led us to the Memorial Terrace!

Cookie Decorating Social: PLS members gathered during the school day to spend some quality time decorating Christmas cookies, watching Holiday movies and enjoying each other’s company. 


PLS and Rho Chi Members after completing an awesome scavenger hunt around the entire UW Campus

Cookie Decorating

Newly Initiated PLS Members