2018/2019 Application Timeline:

Meet and Greet: completed

Application opens:  August 15th, 2018

Application due: September 16th, 2018 by 11:59 pm

Applicants will be notified of results by: TBD

MANDATORY Initiation will be held: Spring 2019

All DPH-2’s & 3’s are eligible to apply. 

The application consists of four components:

  1. Completed electronic application.
  2. An electronic letter of recommendation written by a professor, boss, coworker, friend or other individual (excluding family members) who is able to speak to a candidate’s leadership abilities
  3. Sponsorship by a current member of Phi Lambda Sigma at the School of Pharmacy
  4. A copy of your CV


As indicated above, to apply to Phi Lambda Sigma you need to be sponsored by a current member. Phi Lambda Sigma utilizes the sponsors to speak to the leadership abilities of the applicant and to ensure the quality of our members. Please feel free to contact any of these members via email or in person, to either ask questions about our group or to obtain sponsorship. Each PLS member is allowed to sponsor as many applicants as they wish and the sponsor will be writing information about how applicants have demonstrated leadership abilities. A complete list of the current members of Phi Lambda follows:

Jess Acker
Jared Baxa
Katherine Beach
Daniel Bruckbauer
Andy Cannon
Eric Chmielewski
Jean Doh
Brandon Harkonen
Kendra Kobs
Katie Kuecker
Joanne Kuznicki
Mandy Kvam

Abby Moore
Aaron O’Connell
Whitney Pilger
Tyler Prickette
Ali Ritscher
Teresa Romano
Hamide Sinani
Magdalena Siodlak
Shelby Tjugum
Joyce Wang
Jing Wu


Joanna Adamski
Tim Antoniewicz
Stephanie Bishop
Lauren Calkins
Mark Cinquegrani
Brock Dantuma
Helen Dziadowicz
Meredith Frey
Eric Friestrom
Christine Garmoe
Nicole Haebig

John Harter
Maya Hubbard
Matt Huppert
Marnie Janson
Yannis Koukounas
Dan Mobley
Ryan Simonet
Sydney Stiener
Zack Stueber
Phoua Yang


Miranda Bowers
Graham Edwardson
Lizeth Garcia-Jennings
Julia Gilbertson
Andrea Gray
Paige Gundrum
Jordan Hilsenhoff
Brooke Holloway
Elyse Keating

Kayla Marchese
Angie Ngo
Andrew Osterbauer
Colin Pearson
Alyson Prom
Lindsey Skubitz
Abigail Smith
Justin Staubli
Rachel Urbas


Rachel Kent
Shelby Koen
Austin Lange
Carson Mahant

Kara Mudd
Clare Procknow
Katie Sherman
Sarah Wigfield

Please contact the nominations chair, Miranda Bowers, with any questions about applying to the society and ask members about our events!