Phi Lambda Sigma


Welcome to Phi Lambda Sigma – Beta Alpha Chapter!
at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

Congratulations to February’s Leaders of the Month! 

Theme: Leaders who lead by example. Whose attitude is contagious and inspires you to be a better person, student or pharmacist? Whose work ethic and commitment motivates you to be the best you can be? Who inspires you?


DPH-1: Justin Stabuli

 Justin is a great leader because he leads by example. His charisma, positivity, and work ethic inspires myself and others to the best student pharmacists that we can be. He is always on time, prepared, and dressed to impress. Justin is a wonderful listener and is always someone that you can trust. He communicates with impact and we are lucky to have him as a DPH-1 rep on Class Council.





DPH-2: Theresa Emmerling 

Theresa is a great leader because she turned PRIDE in Healthcare from an organization that many people in the school of pharmacy were not aware of to an organization in which people want to actively participate. As acting president and student senate representative she flawlessly executes a multitude of responsibilities and has been able to hone her delegation skills. Through advertising things such as the OUT/ALLY list and the white coat lapel pins, and organizing events such as the LGBTQ talk by a practicing pharmacist who is out and treats many LGBTQ patients, she has increased awareness of LGBTQ problems within healthcare. At the end of last year, she was the only executive member of PRIDE and has expanded the executive board to include 5 members and regularly holds meetings with general members as well. Theresa inspires others to get involved in LGBTQ healthcare, as well as inspiring student pharmacists to be leaders in something they believe in.


DPH-3: Emily Perinovic

Not all heroes wear capes. Emily leads by example. She has an incredible work ethic, gets along very well with her peers, and always has a smile on her face. She inspires us all.






Honorary Faculty Member: Ed Portillo 

I know he’s not a student, but he is someone who is the epitome of leading by example. Ed goes out of his way to be kind to those he works with. Yes Ed has a technical leadership title within the school, but that’s not why I consider him a leader. His infectious enthusiasm is why he is a leader. His ceaseless determination is why he is a leader. His ability to find the greatness within anyone is why he is a leader. Despite now being faculty, I believe an honorary nomination goes out to Dr. Ed Portillo for being, in my humble opinion, the greatest to ever master leading by example.




Thank you to everyone who nominated their classmates, please continue to nominate using this google form.  

This month’s theme: Professionalism

This is the time of year filled with conferences and interviews. Who represents the school and profession of pharmacy with the upmost professionalism? Who makes networking look easy? Who handles themselves professionally in times of adversity?

Your nominations do NOT need to fit into this theme, the purpose of the theme is simply to give you something to look out for. 


—Upcoming Important Dates—

General Meeting: Wednesday, April 19 @ 5:30 PM

Breakout session: Friday, March 31 @ 11 AM  

Kremer’s Lecture: April 4th @ Noon

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