Phi Lambda Sigma


Welcome to Phi Lambda Sigma – Beta Alpha Chapter!
at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

Congratulations to April’s Leaders of the Month! 


 DPH-1: Matt Williams  

Matt Williams is a gentleman whose smile is contagious and is always upbeat about school. Matt does a fantastic job of being a positive leader in our class by being an active participant in class, keeping the class grounded by putting classes into perspective and helping teach the concepts after class to classmates.

DPH-2: Abby  Sharpe

There comes a point in pharmacy school where everyone who wants a leadership position has one. At this point leadership is not about the position you hold and the expected responsibilities that follow, but rather the extra step that you take to make a difference. This is what Abby does on top of her involvement, class, and work every day. She always makes the effort to steer those around her in the right direction and always has sound advice that helps guide those in need. I cannot express how many times she has helped those around her with strong decisiveness this entire school year and the previous year. She has never lead me astray to this day.

 DPH-3: Taylor Giedd

She is always on top of our group project for communications and gets our group motivated. Great organizational skills and awesome person to work with!

Thank you to everyone who nominated their classmates, please continue to nominate using this google form.  


Feel free to continue to nominate people over the summer!

Your nominations do NOT need to fit into this theme, the purpose of the theme is simply to give you something to look out for. 


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