Phi Lambda Sigma


Welcome to Phi Lambda Sigma – Beta Alpha Chapter!
at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

Congratulations to March’s Leaders of the Month! 



Eric Koski (DPH-2)

Spencer Bold (DPH-1)










DPH-1: Spencer Bold  

With everyone stressing over exams and work, Spencer is our ray of sunshine & never fails to brighten the room with his magnetic personality. He fosters a sense of family and inclusiveness in the SOP community in addition to being an proactive student by always asking questions in class. Spencer is a genuine one-of-a-kind friend and his friendship and spirit knows no limits. He strives towards making sure every student in his class feels at home here in Madison.


DPH-2: Eric Koski

Eric is always helping everyone around him. Eric steps up to the plate in times of stress. He takes it upon himself to make everyone’s lives easier. I have seen him offer to print lecture notes for classmates when it’s getting close to the start of the lecture period. He is also always a friendly face in class and is engaged in class. Eric embodies leadership as he is goes out of his way to help those in need in times of stress.

Thank you to everyone who nominated their classmates, please continue to nominate using this google form.  

This month’s theme: Team Players 

This time of year gets crazy busy with exams, projects, and papers as we wrap up the year. Who takes the time to help a classmate in time of need? Who shares study materials? Who stays positive during this stressful time?

Your nominations do NOT need to fit into this theme, the purpose of the theme is simply to give you something to look out for. 


—Upcoming Important Dates—

General Meeting: Tuesday, April 18 @ 5:30 PM


Contact our President Maggie Siodlak at for information on meetings.