Phi Lambda Sigma


Welcome to Phi Lambda Sigma – Beta Alpha Chapter!
at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

Congratulations to the Leaders of the Month! 



DPH-1 – Sydney Ertz 

Sydney has shown immense leadership skills already and she just started here at the sop! She has already helped make connections for OA for gathering materials for our new pharmacist-run smoking cessation program. Mind you, she volunteered to do all of this and get involved at the meet and greet- she literally jumped in with both feet and got heavily involved with OA from the very beginning. I have been impressed with her ability to communicate and her ability to get involved. I was blown away by her willingness to step up and truly follow through with her actions. To me, from the very second I met her, I knew Sydney was a great leader and will be a wonderful pharmacist.

DPH-2 – Vincent Wartenweiler 

Vincent has really shown initiative this year in revitalizing the Interprofessional Health Council Student Org. He has been instrumental in recruiting leaders, organizing meetings, and getting the organization off to a great start. His positive attitude in the face of a daunting task is a great example of leadership!

DPH-3 – Hannah Hecht 

Hannah did a phenomenal job orchestrating Conference on Conferences for WSPS. The event was a huge success and would not have been such without her leadership. Hannah is great at organizing and delegating tasks, all while listening to everyone else’s ideas. She is always supportive and encouraging of her team in any endeavor they undertake.


Thank you for all the nominations, please continue to nominate using this google form.