Our Members

Andrea Bochna

My path to pharmacy was a bit different from the traditional student.  After completing a BS in Biology at Bethel University, I had my eye on medical school. Needing more medical experience, I began working in an inner city emergency room in the Twin Cities as a medical scribe. It was during that time that I fell in love with the role of the pharmacist. Not only was their job crucial to life and hospital course of the patient, but the flexibility of the position allowed them to maintain a great work/life balance – something I knew I wanted in my future career.  The reason I ultimately chose UW Madison was the people and the staff I had the chance to meet at my interview day. Being from out of state, I can definitively say that I felt welcomed and accepted into the UW Madison community from the get-go. I have never looked back. I came into pharmacy school thinking I was going to practice in a hospital. But over the years, with my work and IPPE experiences, I have developed a passion for community pharmacy. I hope to one day take on a managerial role in the community setting and promote public health practices.

Cory Bowers

For my undergraduate education, I was fortunate to be enrolled in a unique program at UW-Madison called the Madison Connections Program, which allowed me to attend a two-year campus (UW-Fox Valley in Menasha, WI) for my freshman and sophomore years and then automatically transfer to UW-Madison my junior year to finish out my bachelor’s degree in biology.  During my undergraduate coursework, I found out that I was very interested in physiology, biochemistry, and organic chemistry. Combining this with my strong interest for patient interaction, which I developed from my experience working as a nursing assistant, I knew pharmacy was my field of choice. A career in pharmacy not only allows me to satiate my curiosity of how medications work in the human body but also allows me to interact and provide care to many patients each and every day. Finally, I chose pharmacy because new medications are constantly produced, and the requirement to stay up-to-date on new medications is an exciting challenge that will always keep me learning new things.  After touring several different schools of pharmacy, I discovered that UW-Madison was really the only place that made me feel at home. This had nothing to do with my prior experience at UW, but it had everything to do with the welcome and sense of community that I felt when I first stepped foot in the UW school of pharmacy. From the extremely helpful and caring older students to the knowledgeable, friendly, and available professors, I knew that UW-Madison was really the optimal environment for me to learn and achieve my PharmD degree.  Once I am finished with school, my career aspirations are to work in the retail setting, where I can provide consults, immunizations, and other care to many patients. I want to be a pharmacist who works towards advancing the field of pharmacy by helping to transition the role of a pharmacist away from dispensing and instead towards patient care.

Jeff Engle

Before coming to UW-Madison, I received a BS in Biochemistry at the University of Iowa.  Pharmacy became an attractive career as I considered my interest in pharmacology and its role in medicine – it’s a career area that provides a unique balance of clinical sciences and patient interaction that suits my interests and personality.  I applied to the PharmD program at UW-Madison because of its reputation for providing a quality education while continuously encouraging students to advance the field of pharmacy. On my interview day, I had many positive interactions with the faculty, staff, and students, and I heard only good things from the Ambassadors about the faculty and how committed they were to helping students achieve whatever goals they had.  One of my goals is to get involved with research at the school, so UW-Madison was an obvious choice since it is well recognized in the pharmaceutical sciences.  Upon graduation, I anticipate completing a pharmacy practice residency followed by an oncology specialty residency with the ultimate goal of becoming an academic pharmacist, splitting my time between clinical practice and research activities.

Johnathin Flury

I completed my undergraduate degree at UW-Eau Claire where I majored in Chemistry and minored in Biology.  I chose pharmacy school because several of my family members have had health problems, and I wanted to be able to help them manage their medications.  I chose UW-Madison because I have family in the area and also because it is probably one of the most active cities in the state. I feel like most people focus on maintaining their good health and it is much easier here to do so because of the availability of many bike trails, workout facilities, and running paths. In addition, the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy is one of the best in the nation, so when I was asked to attend I couldn’t say no.  Once I graduate, I would like to return to the area where I grew up (between Eau Claire, LaCross and Winona) to practice in either an independent community setting or a long-term care facility.

Anthony Hennes

I did my pre-pharmacy coursework at UW–Madison and earned entry into the pharmacy program after my junior year. My connection with pharmacy all began with a heartbeat, a heartbeat that pounded vigorously on the inside of my chest as if something fierce was trapped inside. It was a heartbeat that eventually diagnosed me with Supraventricular Tachycardia and a heartbeat that showed me the beauty of medicine. A chance encounter and future mentorship with a pharmacist cemented pharmacy as the avenue in which I would pursue my newfound passion. It is through pharmacy that I believe I can make an impact on the discipline that fostered my desire to help improve the lives of those around me. I wish to give to medicine what medicine gave to me. I chose UW-Madison because of the Wisconsin Idea: the idea that learning and achievement do not end in the classroom. This university promotes an environment in which our learning spans much further then the next test; it prepares you to be the very best at your craft and provides you with the necessary tools to excel.  My time at UW-Madison has shown me that I truly enjoy teaching others and I hope to bring this into my pharmacy career is much as possible – perhaps through teaching students at the school of pharmacy, mentoring students in clinic, or teaching patients how to effectively utilize their medications.

Emily Jackson

I finished my prerequisite courses in 3 years at UW-Madison and then transitioned into pharmacy school. During my pre-pharmacy studies, my focus was on the prerequisite courses and a lot of science, but I made sure to take a few interesting courses, too, like “Classical Mythology” and “The Vampire in Literature and Film”. Is it weird to say that pharmacy just “felt right” to me? Because that’s why I picked it. I’ve always had a knack for science and math, and I think it stemmed from being strong in those two subjects. I’ve known that I wanted to be pharmacist since I was in middle school, and people often doubted me or didn’t believe that I knew what a pharmacist did, but here I am 10 years later in pharmacy school. I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering and shadowing in pharmacies, and now in pharmacy school doing many hours of observations, and I can whole-heartedly say that I made the right choice. UW-Madison’s School of Pharmacy is one of the top ranked schools in the nation and the faculty are at the top of their fields. Learning from professors and pharmacists who are out in the community practicing gives a lot of insight into the material that we learn and they are always giving real life examples to help solidify the concepts. After graduation, I see myself completing a residency and then hopefully practicing in the Ambulatory Care setting. I like the idea of practicing in a clinic setting while still being able to build longitudinal patient relationships. I also have an interest in academia and could see myself pursing that pathway someday.

Lissette Martinez

I completed my pre-pharmacy coursework at UW-Madison in three years, working towards a Biology degree.  What attracted me most to the profession of pharmacy is the opportunity to be at the forefront of change.  Pharmacists are now being seen as a provider of care who are capable of doing more than just fill prescriptions.  Our education and training is finally being used to some of its potential, but there is still room for change.  I also chose pharmacy because it is a profession where learning is continuous, knowledge is used to critically think, the Pharm.D. degree is versatile and can be used in so many unique career pathways, and because you get provide care to patients. Pharmacy in the state of Wisconsin is very progressive, so I knew that in attending UW-Madison program, I would be receiving an education that mirrored the progressiveness of the profession, the faculty are world renowned researchers in both the clinical setting and pharmaceutical sciences, and there is opportunity to experience a variety of diverse pharmacy practice experience sites, which include sites abroad.

Rachel Sands

I attended University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire for two years to complete my pre-pharmacy coursework. I was pursuing a Biology major, but was accepted to pharmacy school before I completed it. My choice to pursue pharmacy as a career stemmed from a multitude of firsthand experiences. In high school, I began shadowing various medical professions. Pharmacy captured my attention as I noticed how accessible the pharmacists were for their patients and the immense knowledge they possessed about a variety of topics. My interest in pharmacy was solidified when I obtained a position as a pharmacy technician. I enjoyed the long-term relationships I built with patients and the new challenges each day would bring. As I learned more about the profession, I was further attracted to the vast opportunity for growth as pharmacists have continued to expand their roles to include giving immunizations, providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) consults, and performing health screenings for their patients. When I attended School of Pharmacy events such as Discovery Day and Interview Day, I was warmly welcomed by faculty and students. Growing up in a small town has led me to strongly value a sense of community, and I felt the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy student body and faculty exhibited this trait across its diverse population. From talking to current pharmacy students, I was told that the faculty desire to see their students succeed and are always willing to help. My career aspirations are to become a managing pharmacist in an independent pharmacy setting where I can develop personalized relationships with patients while providing them the best possible care.

Stacy Zwiefelhofer

I received my degree in Biochemistry from Winona State University. I selected pharmacy because of the huge impact this profession can make on patients’ lives, as well as the evolution this career is going through.  I’m excited for the continuous patient interaction and the idea that we could soon be considered “health care providers”. I chose UW-Madison because of the proximity to other health-science disciplines, the extreme welcoming feeling I received here, and, of course, the BADGERS! Once I graduate, I’d like to start out in community independent pharmacy – someday I’d like to perhaps manage and own my own pharmacy.