Briana Amundson
I like my position as Director of the Student Ambassador Program because it gives me the opportunity to interact with current and prospective students at the School of Pharmacy.  This positions has allowed me to get to know many different types of students, as well as build my leadership skills. This upcoming year I hope to successfully develop a Student Connections program that integrates smoothly with the School of Pharmacy’s switch to rolling admissions.

Outreach Coordinator

Staci Baker
As the outreach coordinator, I have been able to communicate with alumni, healthcare professionals, and pharmacy students to organize, plan, and execute events that bring people together. This position has allowed me to improve my communication skills, problem solve, and coordinate everyone’s schedules to ensure that the events run smoothly. This year I look forward to planning more events that will help our school and community. I also aim to maintain the fantastic reputation that ambassadors have within the community!


Tour Coordinator

Dani Salas
The UW-Madison School of Pharmacy has been a place where I feel most welcome and at home. I love my position because I get to aid in the introduction of our school to those who are unfamiliar with it. My main goal for this year is to streamline the tour process and to get current and prospective students excited about our school!

Open House Coordinators

 Rachel Sands
There are many reasons that I love my position as the Open House Co-coordinator for Student Ambassadors. First of all, it is rewarding to collaborate with fellow classmates and work towards the common goal of planning a special event for prospective pharmacy students. I also get to witness and experience the connections that Student Ambassadors make with our guests, which demonstrates one of the primary goals of this organization. Finally, I attended events by the Student Ambassadors when I was a high school and undergraduate student, so this affords me the opportunity to give back to an organization that helped me and ensure these events continue to assist future students. My goal for the organization is to foster the relationships between our faculty and both current and prospective students.

Brekk Feeley
The UW School of Pharmacy has a dynamic pharmacy program, full of diverse faculty and a wide variety of academic options to expand ones pharmacy awareness/knowledge. As an Open House Co-Coordinator I have the opportunity to plan events that expose the community to this awesome program.  A goal I have this year is to expand the topic base to broaden the demographic that would be interested in attending the open house for the School of Pharmacy.

Roundtable Coordinator

Erin Nowak
Being the Roundtable Event Coordinator for the Student Ambassadors allows me the chance to meet many of the first year pharmacy students, as well as the pre-pharmacy students on campus. I enjoy mentoring these students by answering questions and offering advice about pharmacy school. My goals for the year are to help facilitate relationships between more experienced pharmacy students and those that are new to the program, as well as show the pre-pharmacy students what our school has to offer. Getting the new students connected with people they can rely on for advice will help ease the transition from undergrad to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program here at UW.


Website Coordinator

Abigail Moore
I am the website coordinator which is a new position that has just been created this year with the hope to improve the ambassador’s online presence. I am very excited about this position because I get to use my creativity to think of ways that we can expand upon our current website. When I was applying to pharmacy schools I was in Texas and had to form my opinion of schools based on their websites. I am glad that I can work to make sure our website is people-friendly and that the ambassadors are well represented with all that we do!


Therapy Lab Planning

Alicia Medina
I am the chair for the therapy lab portion of the open house and am very excited for this year as the Spring Open House was very successful! I really enjoy this position as it allows me utilize many vital skills such as performing consults and serving as an instructor overall. Teaching is definitely a passion of mine so I enjoy the early exposure. I have many goals for the semester but I primarily want to ensure that I provide students with a unique experience that immerses them into the daily life of a pharmacy student!

Danielle Dietz
I am excited to work on the Therapy Lab Planning Committee for the Open House events this upcoming year because therapy lab is relevant and important within the evolving pharmacy profession.   My goals would include showing students the wonderful opportunities the pharmacy program UW-Madison has with practicing patient interactions and stressing the importance of these interactions.

Lisette Martinez
My name is Lissette Martinez and I am a DPH-2 in the School of Pharmacy.  I am on the Open House Planning Committee.  I enjoy my position because I enjoy event planning and I love meeting prospective students.  I am a Badger through and through, and I have so much pride in UW-Madison, so being a part of the planning committee for the Open Houses allows me to share my pride with students considering the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy. My goals for the upcoming year includes planning an Open House where prospective students really get an idea of what it is like to be a student pharmacist at UW-Madison.

Registration Planning

Jared Simmons
I will be part of the Open House Planning Committee working towards ensuring a smooth open house for potential new pharmacy students.  I am excited to run registration for the open houses during the year.  I hope to meet a lot of new people and help them feel comfortable at our wonderful School of Pharmacy.

Irene Chung
I’m the Open House Registration Chair and I like my position because I get to both help promote the event and help answer any questions that registered students have. I attended the Open House when I was in undergrad, and it was a great experience, so I’m really glad I get to pay it forward now and help plan them for other undergrad students. My goal for this position is to not only sustain and maximize the great attendance we’ve had in the past but also make sure students have a positive experience by being a fully accessible resource to address any questions students may have about the event.

Compounding Lab Planning

Jazmyn Worman
I chose the compounding chair position because it was one of my favorite classes so far.  The students that come to the open house really seem to enjoy it and I enjoy teaching them what it is all about. My goal for this semester is to organize the timing of each session better than it has been in the past.

Amber Schroeder
I love being a student ambassador because of the people I get to meet and all the relationships I am able to form. I also know how much the student ambassadors benefited me during the application process, interview days, and discovery days, so I love getting to be there to help the next group of pharmacy students. This year, I hope to use my position on the open house committee to plan a very fun activity to do in the compounding demonstration. I want to get new students excited about what the pharmacy profession has to offer!

Lunch Planning

Emily Perinovic
I am excited for the opportunity to represent the school as a Student Ambassador Coordinator. What excites me the most is that I will working with my peers and faculty to showcase my pride for the School of Pharmacy. As a lunch planning leader, I plan to create an enjoyable experience for our visitors that will help to make them feel comfortable while displaying our Wisconsin pride.

Anthony Enderby
As the director of banquet services and break out group facilitators I am tasked with planning, acquiring, and executing all tasks and responsibilities associated with the meal provided to prospective students and ambassador volunteers. I am excited for this position where I will be contacting, ordering, receiving, and invoicing from vendors/retailers, assessing and procuring meals for student with special dietary needs/religious or belief based restrictions, determining proper allocation of food resources, assisting and directing small group leaders in their role as facilitators during the breakout session, and ensuring that practices regarding SoP facilities and food safety are adequately followed. My goals are to be highly organized and proactive.