Becoming an Ambassador

How to Apply for a General Student Ambassador Position

The application for General Student Ambassador Members is sent out each spring (mid- to late-March) to all PharmD and Pharm-Tox students.  The application consists of a few short essay questions and an area where you can select the events in you would like to participate.  The application is typically due within two weeks of distribution, and acceptance decisions are sent out within a week of review.  New ambassadors are selected each year.

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Selection Criteria

  • Application Responses
  • Event Availability
  • Performance as an Ambassador to date (if applicable)
  • Feedback may be obtained from School of Pharmacy faculty or staff

Leadership Roles

Applications for leadership positions become available in late February to early March.

  • Website Coordinator:  The website coordinator is responsible for maintaining and updated the Student Ambassador website.  This includes resolving any technical issues that occur, posting updates, and taking on new initiatives such as a student blog.
  • Outreach Coordinator:  The outreach coordinator organizes general Student Ambassador volunteers for events associated with alumni and the general public.
  • Roundtable Coordinator:  The roundtable coordinators plan the DPH-1 and Pre-SOP roundtable events in the fall. They work to coordinate the general Student Ambassador volunteers, advertise the event, and facilitate on the day of the event.
  • Open House Co-Coordinators:   The open house co-coordinators are in charge of leading the open house planning committee to plan the fall and spring open house events.  They oversee each of the planning committees to ensure all tasks and responsibilities are taken care of before the event.
  • Tour Coordinator:  The tour coordinator is responsible for making sure all general Student Ambassadors sign up tour slots every semester.  They also play a role in coordinating with SAA office staff and Student Ambassador co-directors to keep track of when tours need to be given, and determine which Student Ambassadors receive event credit for giving a tour.