Annual Events

The SoP ambassadors assist with the following events annually:

  • Asthma Camp June 2016
    Asthma camp is a one-day camp for school-aged children with asthma.  The goal of this camp is to educate children about their asthma symptoms and medication.
  • PAA Golf Tournament June 2016
    The Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA) Golf Tournament is held every summer at University Ridge Golf Course and is a fundraiser for the PAA Scholarship Fund.
  • DPH-1 Welcome Event August 29, 2016
    The DPH-1 Welcome Event is an opportunity for incoming PharmD students to learn about the UW campus and the many resources it has to offer.
  • DPH-1 Orientation August 29 & 30, 2016
    This two-day event allows new students to become acquainted, particpate in team-building activities, and learn about the PharmD program.
  • DPH-1 Roundtables
    The DPH-1 Roundtables is hosted by the School of Pharmacy Student Ambassadors and gives new DPH-1 students a chance to ask questions and get advice from PharmD upperclassmen.
  • Pre-SoP Roundtables
    Pre-Pharmacy students have an opportunity to ask questions and get advice from current PharmD and PharmTox students.
  • Alumni Reunion WeekendOctober 28-29, 2016
    School of Pharmacy Alumni return for a three-day weekend of events including awards ceremonies, continuing education, meetings, and homecoming fun.
  • Fall Open House November 5, 2016
    The Fall Open House is an opportunity for undergraduate students from any university to visit and learn more about the PharmD program.
  • Spring Open HouseApril 2016
    Current undergraduates from any university are welcome to visit and learn more about the PharmD program.
  • Preview DayApril 2017
    Preview Day is held once each year for high school students who are interested in a career in pharmacy.
  • Rolling Admissions Interviews
    Students applicants may be invited for an interview at the School of Pharmacy.
  • Hooding CeremonyMay 2017
    Graduate students receive their hoods in recognition of the successful completion of their studies.  This ceremony is held the afternoon before the Commencement.
  • Pinning CeremonyMay 2017
    The Pinning Ceremony is held for all DPH-3 students in celebration of their advancement on to their APPE clerkship rotations.
  • Clerkship TrainingApril 2017
    Preceptors from around the state attend an annual training event at the School of Pharmacy.  This training prepares the preceptors to teach, mentor, and guide pharmacy students through their introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences.