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Academic Affairs

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PharmD & Pharm/Tox Students Assessment  
Curriculum Assoc. Dean Mel de Villiers
Policy Review Assoc. Dean Mel de Villiers
Student Progress Assoc. Dean Mel de Villiers

Academic Services

Area Contact
Academic Holds Chris Bischel
Classroom Scheduling Emily Tarter
Class Permission Advisors
Course Add/Drop Advisors
Grade Change Advisors
Independent Study Advisors


Area Contact
Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Students Jeremy Altschafl
Pharmacology & Toxicology Students Jeremy Altschafl


Area Contact
Pre-School of Pharmacy Amy Zwaska
BS in Pharmacology & Toxicology Ken Niemeyer
Doctor of Pharmacy – DPh 1 Emily Tarter
Doctor of Pharmacy – DPh 2 Rebecca Beebe
Doctor of Pharmacy – DPh 3 Katy Tomlinson
Doctor of Pharmacy – DPh 4 Mara Kieser


Area Contact
All Inquiries Susan Degrand

Graduate Programs

Area Contact
All Inquiries Ken Niemeyer


Area Contact
All Inquiries Emily Tarter

Professional Behavior Concerns

Area Contact
All Inquiries Assoc. Dean Karen Kopacek


Area Contact
Brochures Chris Bischel
Events Calendar Chris Bischel
Exam Calendar Lindsey Weigel
PharmD & Pharm/Tox Student Handbook Chris Bischel
Course Schedule Emily Tarter

Special Events

Area Contact
Career Fair
Lindsey Weigel
Discovery Days Susan Degrand
Hooding & Awards Ceremony  Lindsey Weigel
Orientation for new PharmD Students Jeremy Altschafl
Orientation for new Pharm/Tox Students Ken Niemeyer
Pharmacy Alumni Association Events  
Scholarship Ceremony  

Specialty Services

Area Contact
Assessment Activities  
Colloquiums for Students Advisors
Disability Coordinator (AARC)
Melanie Schneider
Discrimination & Equity Contact Person Assoc. Dean Karen Kopacek
Health Status Chris Bischel
Lindsey Weigel
Sexual Harassment Contact Person
Melanie Schneider
Short Term Loans
Rebecca Beebe

Student Affairs

Area Contact
Professional Behavior
Assoc. Dean Karen Kopacek
Student / Faculty Relations
Assoc. Dean Karen Kopacek
Student Organizations
Assoc. Dean Karen Kopacek
Oversight of Students Services
Assoc. Dean Karen Kopacek

Student Progress

Area Contact
PharmD & Pharm/Tox Students
Melanie Schneider

Student Services Programs Support

Area Contact
Advising Appointments
Lindsey Weigel
Filing of Grievances Chris Bischel