Reasons to Contact Your Advisor

Contact your advisor for the following:

  • Academic difficulty
  • Career advising and referrals
  • Illness, personal crisis, death in the family, etc. requiring you to miss class
  • Physical health, disability, and mental health resources and referrals
  • Academic support services referrals (e.g., tutoring, test-taking and study skills)
  • Enrollment issues including forms and other information and advice regarding course add/drop or credit changes, pass/fail or audit registration, or withdrawal from school
  • Information on progress toward completion of graduation requirements
  • Independent study and mentoring opportunities
  • International for-credit educational experiences
  • Conflict resolution with peers, classroom concerns including student/faculty relations
  • Academic and non-academic misconduct (e.g., cheating, professionalism)
  • Scholarships, financial aid, AOF (Advanced Opportunity Fellowships), short-term loan funds
  • Written confirmation for the Office of Student Financial Services regarding your standing relative to the “10-semester rule”
  • Verification of student status for jury or military duty, or to secure an auto loan
  • GPA certification for auto insurance or non-UW-Madison scholarships or loans
  • General advice…