Research Funding

Since 1985 SRC Investigators have completed over 35 research projects, with total federal, state and private funding of $10,469,671.

FEDERAL FUNDING (Total: $ 9,715,214)
Dates Principal
Title Funder
2009-2010 Young The Role of Pharmacist Evaluation in Activation of Adult Asthma Patients NIH, CSTA / MERC
2008-2011 Thorpe Suboptimal Medication Use in Persons with Dementia and Their Informal Caregivers NIH, National Institute on Aging
2004-2010 Svarstad A Team Model of Hypertension Care in African Americans NIH, National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute
2002-2009 Chewning Older Adults & Drug Decisions: Collaboration & Outcomes NIH, National Institute on Aging
1998-2003 Chewning Early Head Start Program Evaluation US Admin for Children & Families, DHSS
2000-2001 Svarstad Evaluation of Prescription Drug Information Materials-2001 National Assn of Boards of Pharmacy & US DHHS PHS Food & Drug Admin
1995-1996 Kreling Assessment of the Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers Health Care Financing Admin, US DHHS
1993-1994 Kreling & Wiederholt Methodology for Calculating the Savings Attributable to the Medicaid Drug Utilization Program Health Care Financing Admin, US DHHS
1993-1999 Chewning, Kreling, & Wiederholt Pharmaceutical Care Outcomes: The Patient Role Agency for Health Care Policy & Research, US DHSS
1992-1999 Chewning Rural Native Americans: A Minority Youth Intervention NIH, National Institute of Child Health & Human Development
1992-1993 Chewning Up-to-Date Immunization Evaluation Project US Admin for Children & Families
1992-1993 Sleath Patient Gender and Psychotropic Prescribing Agency for Health Care Policy & Research, US DHHS
1988-1991 Chewning Demonstration and Evaluation of a Computerized Contraceptive Counseling Aid for Adolescents Office of Family Planning, US DHHS
1985-1988 Svarstad Predicting Sleep Medication Use in Nursing Homes NIH, National Institute on Aging
STATE FUNDING (Total: $484,902)
Dates Principal
Title Funder
2009-2010 Thorpe Barriers to Medical Care and Medication Adherence in Persons With Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. Wisconsin Comprehensive Memory Program
2009-2010 Chui Exploring Pharmacist to Pharmacist Communication During Patient and Prescription Handoffs UW-Madison Graduate School
2004-2006 Chewning Student Outreach to Prevent and Reduce Smoking (STOPRS) UW-Madison Baldwin WI Idea Endowment
2000-2001 Chewning & Kreling Pharmacy-based Smoking Cessation Program for Young Adults WI Tobacco Control Board, DHFS
2000-2001 Kreling Pharmacy Cost of Dispensing/Acquisition Cost Study State of WI, DHFS
2000 Mott A National Survey of Elderly Drug Insurance and Drug Use University of Minnesota
2000 Mott Use of Over-the-Counter Drug Products: The Role of Prescription Drug Insurance and Time Costs UW-Madison Graduate School
1995-1998 Chewning Aazhiganan Project State of WI APPS Board
1992-1994 Wiederholt Evaluation of the Wisconsin Pharmacy Self-Inspection Project WI Dept of Reg & Licensing and Schering Pharm.
1988 Kreling Estimating the Costs of Inappropriate Psychotropic Medication Use Among Nursing Home Patients UW-Madison Graduate School
1986-1988 Mount Consultant Pharmacy Study UW-Madison Graduate School and Sonderegger Research Center
1986-1988 Lipowski & Wiederholt Environmental Dimensions of Consumer Choice for the Purpose of Prescription Drugs Partial funding by Sonderegger Research Center
1985-1988 Kreling The Potential Impact of Drug Reimbursement Policy Changes on Community Pharmacies in Wisconsin Sonderegger Research Center
PRIVATE FUNDING (Total: $269,555)
Dates Principal
Title Funder
2008-2009 Mott Pharmacy Quality Alliance – Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative Demonstration Project (Phase I) Pharmacy Society of WI, Pharmacy Quality Alliance
2004 Mott & Kreling 2004 National Pharmacist Workforce Survey Pharmacy Manpower Project, Inc.
2001 Kreling, Mott, & Wiederholt Updating the Prescription Drug Trends Chartbook Kaiser Family Foundation
2000 Mott National Sample Survey of the Pharmacist Workforce to Determine Contemporary Demographic and Practice Characteristics Pharmacy Manpower Project,Inc.
1999 Kreling, Mott, & Wiederholt Prescription Drug Trends – A Chartbook Kaiser Family Foundation
1998 Mott Factors Associated with Generic Drug Use Behavior American Assn of Colleges of Pharmacy
1998 Wiederholt & Kreling Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Pharmacist Services and Prescription Drug Plans Pharmacist Society of WI
1993-1996 Wiederholt Graduate Explorer Monograph Project Glaxo
1992 Kreling Background Paper – Alternative Payment Methods: Value And Payment of Pharmacy Services National Assn of Chain Drug Stores
1991-1992 Kreling Analysis of Prescription Marketplace Parameters and Reimbursement National Assn of Chain Drug Stores
1989-1991 Chewning & Svarstad The International Medication Compliance Project APOTEKSBOLAGET (National Corp of Swedish Pharmacies)
1990 Kreling The Pharmaceutical Access and Prudent Purchasing Act of 1990: Estimating the Economic Impact on Institutional Pharmacy Providers American Society of Hospital Pharmacists
1989 Kreling Practice Economics in Community Pharmacies WI Independent Community Pharmacists