Award Guidelines

The culmination of doctoral education is dissertation research, often requiring funding to ensure successful completion.  Through the Sonderegger Research Center Dissertator Research Grants Program, funding is available for doctoral level research in the Social and Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy.


The spirit underlying the dissertator grant program is to:

  1. Help promising dissertators pursue research in the Social and Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy that complements  the mission of the Sonderegger Research Center (SRC).
  2. Supplement students’ other dissertation funding efforts.
  3. Encourage students to refine their grant proposal preparation skills.
Who may apply: Students in the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy Graduate Program in Social and Administrative Sciences.
  1. The student is a dissertator and the student’s dissertation research proposal has been approved by her/his dissertation committee.
  2. The student has prepared an application for external funding, and if feasible, has submitted it to the potential funding source.
Application Process:  Students will submit a funding request to the Director of the Sonderegger Research Center.  If the student has prepared and/or submitted an application for external funding, the request should include a copy of their external funding request, a brief summary of the research activities to be supported by SRC, and a detailed budget.  Other requests should be prepared following the format of an application for external funding (AHCPR, Kaiser Foundation, or other private agency) to be determined through consultation with the student’s major professor.
Review Process:   Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Sonderegger Research Center Board review panel.
Amount: Students are encouraged to be judicious in their budget requests.  A maximum of $3,500 will be awarded per dissertator.
Responsibility: Funding will be acknowledged in subsequent publications and presentations relevant to the supported research.