Professional Engagement Communities

What are “Professional Engagement Communities”?

  • Professional Engagement Communities, informally known as “Houses”, are composed of pharmacy students from all classes. The program began in the spring of 2015 and involves all current and future students.
  • All students are randomly assigned during New Student Orientation to one of five Houses—Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow and Blue.
  • Participation in House activities is voluntary.
  • Each House has four House Representatives that are responsible for planning events with the assistance of a Faculty and Pharmacist House Mentor.


Why did we establish Houses?

  • Houses foster community, leadership, professionalism and collaboration among the PharmD classes.
  • The establishment of Houses provides additional leadership, mentoring and service opportunities.



  • All House members will have an opportunity to compete in the year-long House Cup Competition. Events range from wearing House colors at SoP events to a House Olympics.
  • One House meeting each semester and social events throughout the year
  • Mentoring  and community service opportunities

Interhouse Council (IHC)

The governing body of the houses, the Interhouse Council (IHC), consists of four elected students from each of the five houses.  Individual members of the IHC are collectively called House Representatives.  House Representative are elected annually by the IHC and Student and Academic Affairs staff.

Within the IHC, the office positions include:

  • Community Engagement Officers (CEO)
    (2 positions)
  • Secretary
  • Finance Officer
  • Student Senate Representative
  • Communications Coordinator
    (1 per House)
  • House Cup Coordinators
    (1 per House)
  • Community Engagement Liaison
    (1 per House)