Who is a Pre-Pharmacy Student?

A Pharm-Tox student sits in lecture.A pre-School of Pharmacy student is a student who is taking the courses necessary to be considered for admission to the PharmD professional program or the BS Pharmacology – Toxicology program at the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy. Completion of the pre-School of Pharmacy course work does not guarantee admission into a program. Admission into both programs is competitive. The required pre-School of Pharmacy course work has been carefully selected to give you the foundation needed for success in the School of Pharmacy. Pre-School of Pharmacy courses may be completed at accredited colleges and universities.

At UWMadison, pre-School of Pharmacy students usually enroll in the College of Letters and Science. They receive academic advising from a UWMadison pre-School of Pharmacy advisor. Students at other colleges and universities receive academic advising from the pre-School of Pharmacy advisor at their campus. If you are a pre-School of Pharmacy student, we encourage you to submit your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number to our School of Pharmacy so that we can maintain an accurate mailing list of pre-School of Pharmacy students. Updated addresses and phone numbers may be submitted to pharminfo@pharmacy.wisc.edu.

Is pre-pharmacy a major or classification?

Pre-pharmacy is not a major, it is an intention.  Admission to our programs is both selective and competitive. The successful student prepares for contingencies. If you encounter difficulties, discuss your problems with your advisor or with another university resource person. Rather than becoming discouraged, take steps to assess and improve your situation. In recent years, the School of Pharmacy has increased the PharmD class size to accommodate more students.  However, the competitive admission situation means that some applicants will not be able to gain admission to the School of Pharmacy. Therefore, it is advisable for all pre-School of Pharmacy students to keep alternatives or in mind. It is recommended that students research and work toward possible “parallel plans” which might include applying to PharmD programs at several schools of pharmacy and/or considering alternate undergraduate majors. Pre-School of Pharmacy course requirements are appropriate for majors in biology, chemistry, other health care fields, many other sciences, and applied scientific fields. Your pre-pharmacy advisor can offer resources and referrals to other programs and services to help you develop contingency plans.