Advising for Pre-Pharmacy Students

Where do I begin?

You will need to complete the courses that are required for admission to the School of Pharmacy at an accredited college.  Students complete the pre-School of Pharmacy course requirements in two to four years, depending on their mathematics placement in college and personal academic choices.  The admissions area on our web site will help you become familiar with important information such as specific Prerequisite Coursework requirements as well as information about Course Equivalencies.

Contact an advisor at your school

Before your semester begins, establish contact with your college/university advisor.  You are urged to maintain contact with your advisor as you address the decisions related to your pre-School of Pharmacy preparation. See if your school has an advisor in the UW–Madison School of Pharmacy advisor network at colleges and universities in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Utilize your advisor to:

  • assist you directly or by referral to appropriate sources of advice.
  • provide you with accurate information.
  • assist you in exploring career goals.
  • inform you about current and new programs and/or events.
  • help you to plan well-balanced course loads each semester.


As a student with aspirations for admission to a UWMadison School of Pharmacy program, you are responsible for:

  • updating annually the School of Pharmacy’s record of your address and telephone number by submitting an e-mail message
  • knowing admission requirements and criteria.
  • thoughtfully considering your course selections.
  • gain college-level study skills.
  • establishing and maintaining a very strong academic record.
  • establishing a record which addresses admission requirements and criteria.
  • knowing and following application instructions
  • knowing and meeting the application deadline.
  • submitting a complete application by the application deadline.

Remember, it is your responsibility to become aware of available resources, to seek accurate information, and to obtain advising and assistance.

Prepare for Contingencies

The successful student prepares for contingencies.  If you encounter difficulties, discuss your problems with your advisor or with another university resource person.  Rather than becoming discouraged, take steps to assess and improve your situation. In recent years, the School of Pharmacy has increased the PharmD class size to accommodate more students. However, the very competitive admission situation means that some applicants will not be able to gain admission to the School of Pharmacy.  Therefore, it is advisable for all pre-School of Pharmacy students to keep alternatives in mind. Pre-PharmD students may want to consider applying to PharmD programs at several schools of pharmacy.  (View Accredited Professional Programs of Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy)*.  Pre-School of Pharmacy course requirements are appropriate also for majors in biology, chemistry, other health care fields, many other sciences, and applied scientific fields.

How do I receive advising services in the future?

Academic advising will be offered throughout the academic year on an individual and group basis.  We recommend that students schedule academic advising appointments at least once a semester.

*Please note that our UWMadison School of Pharmacy advisors are not in a position to interpret the admission requirements of other pharmacy schools.  That information must come directly from the admissions offices at the other schools of pharmacy.