Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Upon registering, you’ll be given the opportunity to rank the following breakout sessions (ranking of 1 = first choice) for the student participant and the guest. All participants are required to participate in at least one demonstration, one informational session, and one student panel breakout session.

Every attempt will be made to assign you and your guest to your top choices. However, due to space limitations, we cannot guarantee that participants will be assigned to their top choices. At check-in on Preview Day (April 6), participants will receive an information packet that will include a personalized schedule outlining the sessions they will attend.

Afternoon Breakout Session Descriptions

PharmD Student Panel at Preview DayDoctor of Pharmacy Student Perspectives (required)

How can you get involved while in pharmacy school? How difficult are the courses in the School of Pharmacy? What can I expect in pharmacy school? How much studying is required? Is it possible to work while enrolled in pharmacy school? A panel of current PharmD students will be on hand to answer these and other questions, and provide their own perspectives on life in the School of Pharmacy.


High school student experiences the Dispensing LabDispensing Laboratory Demonstration

Visit the contemporary pharmacy practice laboratory where current student pharmacists engage in simulated pharmacy practice experiences. Teaching staff will demonstrate compounding of customized drug products, preparation of injections and intravenous admixtures, and use of the computer in modern dispensing activities.

Pharmacist/Patient Consultation: A Demonstration

One of the primary responsibilities of pharmacists is to assist patients in making the best use of their medications. Counseling with patients about how to use and what to expect from their medications is an important component of this function. In this session, you will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of pharmacist communication skills as you observe pharmacy students in a role-playing demonstration of a patient-pharmacist consultation.

Informational Sessions (Non-Demonstrations)

Tour with the American Institute of the History of PharmacyAmerican Institute of the History of Pharmacy (AIHP)

Experience the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy and learn more about how the institute serves as a valuable resource in documenting and preserving the heritage and history of pharmacy. Participants will have the opportunity to view various artifacts from our historical collection.

Bachelor of Science – Pharmacology and Toxicology: Curriculum & Career Options 

Learn more about the School of Pharmacy’s Bachelor of Science undergraduate major in Pharmacology and Toxicology! This is a fantastic undergraduate program to pursue for students interested in any science or health-related field. Program prerequisites, requirements, admissions criteria, and career options will be discussed.

Please note that the BS program is a completely separate program from the Doctor of Pharmacy professional program that prepares students to become licensed pharmacists.

Global Helalth session at Preview DaySchool of Pharmacy International Opportunities

Doctor of Pharmacy students have many opportunities to be involved with the greater community both locally and abroad. Current students are participating in clinical rotations in areas such as Oman, Thailand, Belize, Spain, South Africa, and China. You will learn about the various international opportunities available to students throughout their curriculum. PharmD students will share their international experiences and discuss the importance of global involvement.