Is Pharmacy Right for Me?

Pharmacists: Who are they?

Pharmacist performing a cholesterol screening in a pharmacy.Pharmacists play a key role in healthcare by preparing medication and educating patients on how to manage complex drug therapies. Pharmacists are the only healthcare providers whose education focuses on effective and safe medication use. Pharmacists are also trained to monitor many chronic conditions, provide advice on general health topics, and work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals to serve and care for patients. Pharmacists in pharmaceutical research also fight disease and improve human health through the development of new drugs and participation in clinical research.

The resources and tools listed below are an excellent starting point for exploring the pharmacy profession including the many career opportunities available, the expanding roles of pharmacists, and the ever changing field of pharmaceutical care and pharmacy practice. Start investigating your options and make efforts to get in-person experience through job shadowing, conducting informational interviews, volunteering or working in pharmacy. We also invite you to seek career advice from our academic advisors, faculty, current PharmD students, alumni, and employers.

Explore the Pharmacy Profession