Lawrence College

Appleton, WI

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Subject Area Prerequisite Requirement Transfer
General Biology
(with lab)
2 courses Biology 130-150
General Chemistry (with lab) 2 courses Chemistry 115-116 Chem 115 Placement Test will satisfy Chem 115 requirement
Organic Chemistry (with lab) 2 courses Chemistry 250-252
Calculus 2 courses Math 140-150
Physics 2 courses Physics 141-151
Microbiology 1 course Biology 226
English / Communication 1 course Freshman Studies 100
Economics 1 course Economics 100
Statistics 1 course Biology 170 Most 3 credit statistics courses will satisfy but Bio 170 is preferred
Social Science 1 course Anthropology 110
Behavioral Science 1 course Psychology 100 Another acceptable course: Psychology 270
Ethnic (Diversity) Studies 1 course See note —> Course must focus on history, experiences, or cultural traditions of ethnic or social minorities
Total Coursework Required 68 credits

Last updated: 10/15/2015

Note: Pre-PharmD students may wish to include in their preparatory course work, as time/space allows, some of the non-professional curriculum graduation requirements: 2 credits of any kind of history and 3 credits of humanities electives. These graduation requirements may be completed before or after starting the PharmD program. They must be completed before completion of the PharmD program.

Note: College Board Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credit is accepted per University of Wisconsin-Madison guidelines.