About PEARL Rx

Pharmacy Practice Enhancement and Action Research Link (PEARL Rx)*

The Sonderegger Research Center (SRC) at the UW School of Pharmacy is seeking pharmacists who are interested in working on collaborative projects to enhance practice and expand pharmacist roles. We welcome pharmacists who wish to collaborate with and learn from other pharmacists and SRC faculty.

Rationale: Increasingly, funding opportunities are available from the federal government and private groups to support research and innovative interventions in health provider networks to improve the delivery and outcomes of care. Pharmacy has been vastly under-represented in these provider based network initiatives which are almost solely physician based. We would like to change that.

Objective: We seek to establish a quick responder network (i.e. Link) of pharmacists who could be contacted when potential funding for pharmacy service projects arise. Partnering with pharmacists and faculty would allow projects to be submitted for funding.

Vision and Goal: Our vision is that these potential projects will help pharmacists achieve their agenda of serving patients to their full capacity. The ultimate goal is to improve health outcomes for the people of Wisconsin through the development and delivery of innovative pharmacy practice and its evaluation.

How the Link Will Work: The Link will be a way to gauge interests of pharmacists on a topic or project area. The link also will serve as a conduit for sharing project or practice initiatives between all Link members.


  1. Pharmacists decide to join the Link.
  2. When an opportunity for a potential project and funding arises, all Link members will receive an electronic message briefly describing the opportunity. Within 5 days, Link members would need to respond as to whether they wish to learn more about the potential project.
  3. If a member expresses potential interest, they will be contacted to provide more detailed information about the opportunity and discuss whether they will opt in or out of the partnership for that project.

Pharmacists who partner for projects could be involved in various activities depending on the project. For example, they could deliver a new client service, complete a survey, document patient outcomes, etc. Partners would be involved in budget planning to ensure site expenses are covered and pharmacy work flow and operations are maintained.

Together we hope to develop tools, provide a conduit for shared decisions and resources, and support each other as we explore ways to enhance patient care. An early aim of the Link is to identify pharmacy needs and interests to target. We plan to visit and speak with Link members as potential partners.

Examples of potential project areas are:

  • Diabetes and Blood Pressure Management and Monitoring
  • Health Literacy/ Limited English Proficiency Resources
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Physician-Pharmacist collaborative agreements