Group Members

Current Graduate Students

Amanda Buchberger


Amanda Buchberger

  • Email: abuchberger’at’ 
  • Department of Chemistry 
  • Education: BS in Chemistry and Biology from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • Research Focus: My research focuses on the development, optimization, and application of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI-MSI) techniques in hopes of quantify neuropeptide changes in crustaceans due to environmentally stressful conditions.
  • About Me: In 2013, I graduated from UW-Eau Claire (Go Blugolds!) with a BS in chemistry and biology. During my undergraduate career, I conducted research in a physical chemistry lab that focused on characterizing the condensed-phase effects of inert matrices on haloacetonitrle-BF3 complexes via matrix-isolation infrared spectroscopy and computations. With my interest in instrumentation and answering biological questions, I joined Dr. Lingjun Li’s lab for mass spectrometry-related graduate studies. Outside of lab, I enjoy playing with my kitten Alphonse, spending time with my family and friends, and volunteering!
Zhengwei Chen, Li Lab

Zhengwei (Tony) Chen

  • Email: zchen284’at’
  • Department of Chemistry 
  • Education: BS and MS in China Pharmaceutical University
  • Research focus: I’m currently working on metal bound to peptide study and structure characterization of neuropeptide with ion mobility mass spectrometry. Besides, I’m interested in glycan structural characterization and quantitation via glycoTMT tags using CE-ESI-IMS or LC-ESI-IMS and its application to the biomarker discovery of disease.
  • About me: Sports and movies and books are three essentials besides research. For sports, besides badminton, pingpong and biking, skiing and ice skating are my new favorites. For movies, besides American beauty, Death Poetry Society and Before Sunset, Gone Girls and Star Wars is my new favorite.
 Fengfei Ma, Li Lab

Fengfei Ma

  • Email: fma9’at’
  • School of Pharmacy 
  • Education: BS in Pharmaceutical Science from China Pharmaceutical University
  • Research focus: My research focus on developing and applying mass spectrometry-based techniques to conduct peptidomic and proteomic studies in complex biological samples and diseases. Mass spectrometric imaging has been implemented for the high thoughput and automated detection of peptides and proteins.
  • About me: I lived in Nanjing, China for 22 years before I came to US. In 2012, I went to university of Southern California for the internship under the guidance of Dr. Andrew MacKay. I set up my mind to pursue the PHD since then. I was very lucky to join Dr. Li’s group in 2014. Outside of the lab, I like playing badminton, basketball, swimming, traveling, photographing and cooking.
 Xueqin Pang, Li lab

Xueqin Pang

  • Email: xpang3’at’
  • School of Pharmacy 
  • Education: BS in Bioengineering at Sichuan University (China), PhD in Chemistry at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  
  • Research Focus: Develop and optimize ion mobility mass spectrometric techniques on neuropeptides and metabolites.
  • About me: I am originally from Hebei, China and have been to Madison since 2011. I like the life in this peaceful city, if the winter is not as cold as this year.


 Jill Johnson, Li Lab

Jill Johnson

  • Email: jkjohnson23’at’ 
  • School of Pharmacy
    Education: BS in Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic
  • Research Focus: Using mass spectrometry to study drug distribution and proteomic heterogeneity in a 3D tumor cell spheroid model of  pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
  • About me: I am originally from Shelton, Connecticut. I am currently co-advised by Dr. Lingjun Li
    and Dr. W. John Kao in the School of Pharmacy. Outside of lab, my hobbies include painting and swimming.
 Qinjingwen Cao, Li Lab

Qinjingwen Cao

  • Email: qcao’at’
  • Department of Chemistry 
  • Education: BS in Chemistry at University of Science and Technology of China (2014)
  • Research Focus: Metabolites are intermediates and products of metabolism that is essential to metastasis. My research focuses on identification of endogenous metabolites using LC-MSMS.
  • About me: In my spare time, I like playing badminton, table tennis and swimming. Soji Shimada is one of my favorite writers. And I enjoy songs sung by Jay Chou and Fukuyama Masaharu.
 Caitlin Keller, Li Lab

Caitlin Keller

  • Email: ckeller’at’
  • Department of Chemistry 
  • Education: BS in Biochemistry from Valparaiso University
  • Research Focus: My research focuses on the optimization and application of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI-MSI) techniques to study peptides in plant tissues.
  • About Me:  I graduated from Valparaiso University in 2014 with a BS in Biochemistry and as a Christ College associate.  I spent my summers researching at the University of Dayton Research Institute, Colorado State University, and Miami University (Ohio), where I was introduced to analytical chemistry, molecular biology, and biophysical chemistry.  Outside of lab, I enjoy reading, hiking, and skiing.
 Yang (Sheila) Liu, Li Lab

Yang (Sheila) Liu

  • Email: yangliu’at’
  • Department of Chemistry 
  • Education: BA in Chemistry Department at Jilin University, China
  • Research focus: Microdialysis is a significant technique of sampling that allows collecting molecules from animals with minimum disturbance to the animal. My research focuses on monitoring the real time release and changes of neuropeptides correlating to exposure to stimulus which is of interest.
  • About me: I enjoy traveling around to see different scenery and various traditions. Having opportunities to have a taste of all kinds of delicious food is also a reason that traveling fascinates me. I also have great enthusiasm about reading novels and watching sport games.
Yatao Shi, Li Lab

Yatao Shi

  • Email: yshi73’at’
  • School of Pharmacy 
  • Education: BS and M.A from China Pharmaceutical University
  • Research focus:My research interest focuses on the application of mass spectrometry for analyzing small molecules in various biofluids. Some biomarkers can be found and approved via qualitative and quantitative analysis. These biomarkers can further be employed to elucidate pathogenic mechanism or be the targets of new drug design.
  • About me: I got my bachelor degree from China Pharmaceutical University. After graduation, I worked in a pharmaceutical company for more than three years. When I pursued my master degree, I found my real interest about the mass spectrometry. Then, I joined Dr Li’s lab to learn more advanced knowledge about mass spectrometry.
Xiaofang Zhong, Li Lab

Xiaofang Zhong

  • Email: xzhong9’at’
  • School of Pharmacy 
  • Education: BS and MS in Wuhan University, China
  • Research focus: Targeted proteomics quantitation utilizing iDiLeu/DiLeu-based multiple reaction monitoring (MRM)/parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) approach.
  • About me: Besides of great interest in mass spec, I enjoy playing badminton, and also like dance, especially Latin dance and Zumba.




Samuel Thomas, Li Lab




Samuel Thomas 

  • Email: sdthomas2’at’
  • Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Program 
  • Education: BS Water Resources, Chemistry minor; University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (2014)
  • Research focus: I am working on urinary biomarker discovery for a human LUTS study and a murine hormone-induced LUTS study. We also plan to investigate the impact of environmental endocrine disruptors on prostate diseases (BPH, LUTS, cancer) using cell culture, murine models, and human samples (urine, biopsy cores, etc.). These projects rely on global shotgun proteomics and targeted and global metabolomics.
Kellen Delaney, Li Lab

Kellen Delaney

  • Email: kdelaney3’at’
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Education: BS in Chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University
  • Research Focus: My research focuses on developing and optimizing methods for matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI MSI) in order to study changes in the regulation of crustacean neuropeptides.  I plan to develop methods combining capillary electrophoresis and MALDI MSI to analyze microdialysis samples from crustaceans in order to observe temporal changes in neuropeptide regulation in response to stress.
  • About Me: I graduated from Penn State in May, 2015.  My undergraduate research has been in developing separation techniques for detecting and quantifying samples such as metabolites in wine grapes, impurities in ionic liquids, and the yellow pigment in bumblebee hair.  Aside from research, I also enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and being around cats.
 Pingli Wei, Li Lab

Pingli Wei

  • Email: pwei8’at’
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Education: BS in pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University
  • Research Focus: My research focus on Mass spectrometry-based proteomcis, usually we use bottom up method to discover and validate disease through targeted proteins and peptides.
  • About me: After graduated from CPU, I worked as a research scientist in Shanghai Chem-Partner and my research concentrated on using LC-MS/MS to monitor the distribution and metabolic rate of target drugs in complex matrix. This year, I was so lucky to join Li’s group and begun my PHD journey in Madison. Outside the lab, I like water sports and tasty food, but do not really like cooking.
 Yu Feng, Li Lab

Yu Feng

  • Email: feng62’at’
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Education: BS in Chemistry at Peking University, China
  • Research Focus:
    • Developing new type of isobaric reagents in quantitative glycomics;
    • Designing and optimizing novel labeling reaction in quantitative analysis of glycans in biological system;
  • About me: I got my bachelor degree in chemistry at Peking University. My major was organic chemistry in PKU, especially in total synthesis of bioactive natural molecule. Outside of lab, I enjoy bike riding and cooking.
 Zichuan Tian, Li Lab

Zichuan Tian

  • Email: ztian29’at’
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Education: B.S. in Chemsitry at Colorado State University.
  • Research Focus: 
    • Ultilizing ion mobility mass spectrometry to study properties of neuropeptides, neurodegenerative disease, characterizing d-amino acid containing peptides and proteins, glycopeptide and glycan isomers, constructing collision cross section for better identification.
    • Applying novel mass spectrometry methods on autism mouse modals for bio-marker discovery.
  • About me: Beside science, I enjoy various kinds of food, craft beers, biking, and workout.
 Qinying Yu, Li Lab

Qinying Yu

  • Email:
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Education: BS in Pharmaceutical Science at Shandong University, China
  • Research focus: Develop and optimize MS-based quantification techniques for glycomics analysis; Discovery and characterize of neurotoxicity related biomarkers via label-free MS shotgun proteomics
  • About me: I come from Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city in China. I enjoy traveling to different places and playing musical instruments.
 Yusi Cui, Li Lab

Yusi Cui

  • E-mail:
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Education: BS in Chemistry from University of Science and Technology of China
  • Research Focus: My research focuses on the development of proteomic methodology for studying glycol-neuropeptide qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • About me: Outside lab, I enjoy painting and handcrafting. I also enjoy movies and I am a fan of Marvel, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino.
Huili Zi, Li Lab 

Zihui (Jerry) Li

  • Email:
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Education: BS in chemistry from Jilin University, China
  • Research Focus: My research interest mainly focuses on monitoring neuropeptide changes in crustaceans due to environmental stimulus, using mass spectrometry-based techniques.
  • About me: I am originally from Qingdao, China and I was so lucky to join Dr Li’s lab in fall 2016. Outside of lab, I enjoy sports a lot. Basketball, badminton and table tennis are all my favorite games. Music also fascinates me much and I am good at playing the piano and saxophone.
Chris Sauer - Li Lab graduate student

Chris Sauer

  • Department of Chemistry
  • Education: B.S., University of Minnesota



Postdoctoral Scholars and Research Associates


Dr. Dustin Frost

  • Email: dcfrost’at’
  • Research associate
  • Education: PhD, Pharmaceutical Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison; BS, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Research focus: Development and application of novel isobaric tandem mass tagging reagents for mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics and peptidomics, targeted mass spectrometry-based membrane proteomics and glycoproteomics, and large scale mass spectrometry-based proteomics and peptidomics of various biological samples (cell extract, tissue extract, cerebrospinal fluid) utilizing nano liquid chromatography electrospray ionization high-resolution Orbitrap tandem mass spectrometry analysis.


Junfeng Huang, post doc in Li Lab

Dr. Junfeng Huang

  • Email: jhuang373’at’
  • Postdoctoral scholar
  • Education: PhD, Analytical chemistry, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Trained in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics); BS, Chemistry, Zhengzhou University.
  • Research focus: I’m currently engaging in the enrichment of glycopeptides through reversible hydrazide chemistry method. And I’ve developed two effective strategies through the cleavage of hydrazone bond to achieve this goal. And now I was trying to apply them in both the N-linked and O-linked glycopeptide enrichment.
  • About me: Outside the lab, taking landscape photograph outside, doing exercise in the gym, running in the park and riding along the lake shore were the most frequent ways I spent my spare time. I also like reading books very much, especially those about history and culture.

Visiting Scholars

Li Lab has been enjoying the academic exchange interactions with three visiting scholars: Professor Shengli Han (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Professor Xin Peng (Tianjin University), and Professor Xiangwei He (Beijing Forestry University).

Undergraduate Students

Meng Xu

  • Major in Biochemistry

James Nelson

  • Major in Biochemistry

Kylie Helfenbein

Michael Wong

Summer REU Students

Undergradate student in Li Lab - Yijia Wang

Yijia Wang

  • Major in Chemical biology in UTSC.

Undergraduate Student in Li Lab - Richard Shipman

Richard Shipman

  • UW-Stout

Group Alumni

Previous Graduate Students

Dr. Qiang Fu

Dr. Qiang Fu

  • Peking University, BS and MS Chemistry
  • 2002-2006
  • Thesis:Global analysis of neuropeptides in a small nervous system and mass spectrometric study of gas-phase fragmentation of protonated biomolecules
  • PhD July 2006
  • Current Position:Senior Scientist, Abbvie

Dr. Kimberly Kutz-Naber

Kimberly Kutz-Naber

  • UW-Whitewater, BS Chemistry
  • 2002-2006
  • Thesis:Mass spectral characterization of neuropeptides in Cancer crabs: method development and biological application
  • PhD December 2006
  • Current Position:Declined job offers from UW-Whitewater and UW-Rock County due to family reasons

Dr. Joshua Schmidt

Joshua Schmidt

  • Bethel College, BS Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry
  • 2002-2007
  • Thesis:From crabs to hamsters: bioanalytical mass spectrometry for peptidomic analysis and biomarker discovery;
  • PhD August 2007;
  • Current Position: Scientist, Bruker Daltonics

Dr. Stephanie DeKeyser (Cape)

Stephanie Dekeyser

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 2003-2007
  • Thesis:Development of mass spectrometric techniques for the analysis of neuropeptides: differential display, quantitation, and imaging;
  • PhD December 2007;
  • Current Position: Associate Director, Covance Inc.

Dr. Heidi Behrens

Heidi Behrens

  • University of California-Irvine
  • 2003-2008
  • Thesis:Coupling in vivo microdialysis sampling to mass spectrometry to monitor neuropeptide secretion in a decapod crustacean;
  • PhD June 2008;
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, UC-Irvine

Dr. James Dowell

James Dowell

  • University of Kansas
  • 2003-2008
  • Thesis:Mammalian neuroproteomics and neuropeptidomics: analysis by mass spectrometry;
  • PhD August 2008;
  • Current Position: Assistant Scientist, Wisconsin Institute of Discovery, 2012-

Dr. Mingming Ma

Mingming Ma

  • Zhejiang University
  • 2004-2008
  • Thesis:Exploring neuropeptidomes via novel mass spectral techniques;
  • PhD December 2008;
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist, Dow AgroSciences Inc.

Dr. Ruibing Chen

Ruibing Chen

  • Peking University
  • 2005-2009
  • Thesis:Multi-faceted mass spectrometric approaches for the analysis of neuropeptides in crustacean: toward functional discovery;
  • PhD December 2009;
  • Current Position: Associate Professor, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China

Dr. Xin Wei

Xin Wei

  • Hongkong Baptist University
  • 2005-2010
  • Thesis:Facilitating protein identification and biomarker discovery by chromatographic separation and mass spectrometry;
  • PhD January 2010;
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist, Procter & Gamble, Inc.

Dr. Jiang Zhang

Jiang Zhang

  • Tongji University
  • 2005-2010
  • Thesis:Exploring the Cardiac Proteome: Integrating Bottom-up and Top-down Mass Spectrometry Strategies;
  • PhD August 2010;
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Los Angeles (Prof. Joseph Loo’s lab)

Dr. Feng Xiang

Feng Xiang

  • Sichuan University (BS in Chemistry), South Dakota State Univ. (MS)
  • 2006-2011
  • Thesis:Developing Novel Labeling Tools for Neuropeptide Quantitation and Identification by Mass Spectrometry;
  • PhD March 2011;
  • Current Position: Scientist, Dow Chemicals Inc.

Dr. Yuzhuo Zoe Zhang

Zoe Zhang

  • Peking University (BS in Chemistry)
  • 2006-2011
  • Thesis:Neuropeptidomic Studies in Crustacean via Multi-faceted Mass Spectrometric Techniques;
  • PhD April 2011;
  • Current Position: Scientist, Leoch Battery Corp.

Dr. Xiaoyue Jiang

Xiaoyue Jiang

  • Nankai University (BS in Biochemistry)
  • 2007-2011
  • Thesis:Neurotransmitters in Crustaceans: Expression, Quantitation and Distribution Probed by Mass Spectrometry;
  • PhD September 2011;
  • Current Position: Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Dr. Limei Hui

Limei Hui

  • Peking University (BS in Chemistry)
  • 2006-2012
  • Thesis:Neuropeptidomic Probed by Mass Spectrometry;
  • PhD May 2012;
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist, PPD, Inc.

Dr. Weifeng Cao

Weifeng Cao

  • East China University of Science and Technology (BS in Chemistry) and University of Missouri-Rolla (MS in Analytical Chemistry)
  • 2006-2012
  • Thesis:MS Informatics: Using Bioinformatic Tools to Enhance MS-based Neuropeptidomics and Proteomics;
  • PhD, May 2012;
  • Current Position: Software Engineer, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

Dr. Robert Sturm

Robert Sturm

  • Aquinas College (BS in Chemistry and Biology);
  • 2007-2012
  • Thesis:Mass Spectrometry Method Development for Targeted and Discovery Neuroproteomics and Peptidomics;
  • PhD, September 2012;
  • Current Position: Research Scientist at Advion Bioanalytical Labs/Quintiles Co.

Dr. Robert Cunningham

Robert C

  • University of Northern Iowa (BS in Chemistry and Biology)
  • 2007-2012
  • Thesis:Mass Spectrometry Applications for Comparative Proteomics and Peptidomic Discovery;
  • PhD, October 2012;
  • Current Position: Research Scientist at Thermofisher Scientific/Pierce Inc.

Dr. Di Ma

Di Ma

  • Peking Union Medical College (MS in Microbiology)
  • 2007-2012
  • Thesis:Comparative Proteomic Profiling and Biomarker Discovery in Complex Biological Samples by Mass Spectrometry;
  • PhD, November 2012;
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist, PPD, Inc.

Dr. Claire Schmerberg

Clarie Schmerberg

  • Northwestern University
  • 2007-2012
  • Thesis: Functional Neuropeptidomics in the Decapod Crustacean: Method Development and Application to Behavioral Neuroscience Research
  • PhD, December 2012;
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Duke University, School of Medicine

Dr. Vivian Hui Ye

Hui Ye

  • Sichuan University, BS in Chemistry
  • 2008-2013
  • Thesis:A Mass Spectrometry Imaging-Based Platform: Towards Discovery in Metabolomics, Neuropeptidomics and Proteomics;
  • PhD, May 2013;
  • Current Position: Associate Professor, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China

Dr. Zichuan Zhang

Zichuan Zhang

  • Peking University Health Sciences Center, BS and MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  • 2008-2013
  • Thesis:Novel Micro-Separation Techniques and Their Couplings to Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Complex Peptides and Proteins;
  • PhD, May 2013;
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist, PPD, Inc.

Dr. Nicole Woodards

Nicole Woodards

  • University of New Mexico, BS in Chemistry and BA in Criminology
  • 2007-2013
  • Thesis:Mass Spectral Analysis of Crustacean Signaling Peptides Using a Multi-dimensional Strategy;
  • PhD, August 2013;
  • Current Position: Chemist, Department of Agriculture for the State of Wisconsin

Dr. Tyler Greer

Tyler Geer

  • University of Michigan, BS in Chemistry
  • 2009-2014
  • Research Interest: Mass spectrometry imaging technology development, peptide and protein quantitation
  • Thesis: Advancing Mass Spectrometry Methods for Quantification and Characterization of Peptides and Proteins in Complex Biological Samples
  • Ph.D. November 2014
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dr. Chenxi Yang

Chenxi Yang

  • East Tennessee State University, BS in Chemsitry
  • 2011-2015
  • Thesis: Revealing differential proteomic events by mass spectrometry
  • Ph.D. June 2015
  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China

Dr. Chris Lietz

Chris Lietz

  • Wayne State University, BS in Chemsitry
  • 2011-2016
  • Thesis: Novel mass spectrometry-based method development and applications to signal peptides and proteins
  • Ph.D. January 2016
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California-San Diego, San Diego, California

Dr. Erin Gemperline

Erin G

  • Carthage College (BA in Theater and Chemistry)
  • 2011-2016
  • Thesis: Method Development and Application of Mass Spectrometry Imaging to Study Symbiotic Relationships Between Bacteria and Host Organisms
  • Ph.D. April 2016
  • Current Position: Senior Analytical Chemist, Dow AgroSciences

Dr. Zhidan Liang

Zhidan Liang

  • Tianjin University, BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences, MS in Medicinal Chemistry
  • 2010-2016
  • Thesis: Neuropeptide Signaling in Crustaceans Probed by Mass Spectrometry
  • Ph.D. May 2016
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Merck Co.

Dr. Jingxin Wang

Jingxin Wang

  • Harbin Medical University, MD (Bachelor of Clinical Medicine)
  • 2011-2016
  • Thesis: Mass Spectrometric Application in Neuroscience;
  • PhD May 2016
  • Current Position: Medical Resident in Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr. Chuanzi OuYang


  • University of Science and Technology of China, B.S. Virginia Tech, M.A. 
  • 2011-2016.
  • Thesis: Neuropeptides in Crustaceans: Expression, Quantitation and Distribution Probed by Multi-Dimensional Mass Spectrometric Approaches
  • Ph.D. Dec 2016.
  • Current Position: Postdoc at John Hopkins University

Dr. Shan Jiang


  • Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, B.A.
  • 2011-2016.
  • Thesis: Investigation of Neuropeptidomics and Proteomics by Multifaced Approaches Coupled to Mass Spectrometry.
  • PhD May 2016.
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr. Bingming Chen


  •  Biochemsitry and Microbiology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S.
  • 2012-2017
  • Thesis: Development of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization and Liquid Chromatography – Electrospray Ionization-Based Mass Spectrometric Techniques for Characterizing and Quantifying Endogenous and Therapeutic Biomolecules.
  • PhD March, 2017
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist, Merck Co.

Dr. Qing Yu


  • Tianjin University, B.S.
  • 2012-2017
  • Thesis: Advancing Qualitative and Quantitative Proteomics/Peptidomics via Development of Novel Mass Spectrometry-based Approaches.
  • PhD April 2017
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Ling Hao


  • China Agricultural University, B.S.
  • 2012-2017.
  • Thesis: Advancing Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics and Proteomics: from Method Development to Disease Applications.
  • Ph.D. May 2017
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, NIH/NINDS.

Previous Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Yun Wang

Yun Wang

  • Current position: Dept of Analytical Development, PPD, Inc.

Dr. Junhua Wang

Junhua Wang

  • Current position: Senior Scientist, Thermofisher Scientific

Xuefei Zhong

Dr. Xuefei Zhong

  • Current position: Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Washington-Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Chenxi Jia

Dr. Chenxi Jia

  • Current position: Faculty, Phoenix Proteomics Center, Beijing, China

Previous Visiting Scholars

Yan Liu

Dr. Yan Liu

  • Visiting scholar from Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China