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Fehling's assay

Fehling’s assay
H: Honey
S: Cane sugar

On June 4th 2016, our lab presented a “Sweet Chemistry” demonstration in the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery as part of the Saturday Science event. This monthly event provides learning opportunities and hands-on experience on Science for children of all ages. Our demonstration let children perform a “Fehling’s assay” as a way to understand different sugar compositions between honey and cane sugar. Reducing sugar in honey forms orange precipitates, while non-reducing sugar in cane sugar remains as clear blue solution. Many families with kids stopped by our station and tested this assay (as well as tasted different types of candies). They were amazed to see such different color changes between sweets, which they would consider the same before. We also used 3D stick models to explain the chemical mechanism of this assay.


Sweet Chemistry - 1
Sweet Chemistry - 2
Sweet Chemistry - 3
Sweet Chemistry - 4

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In the summer of 2014, the Jiang Lab supported our graduate student Matt to demonstrate and teach at the College for Kids. College for Kids is three-week summer program of academic courses with participation of 360 students completing grade 5 from over 30 partner school districts and private schools in the Greater Dane County area of Wisconsin.

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