Special Event Recording

The School of Pharmacy has built-in video recording capabilities in the following classrooms in Rennebohm Hall:

  • 2002
  • 2006
  • 1116

To schedule the recording of a special event in one of these rooms, please submit a request.  We need to obtain permission from each speaker whose talk will be recorded. Please provide the name and email address of speaker on the request form to the right to help facilitate obtaining the permission to capture.

Recording Capabilities

Standard Video Capabilities

video exampleThe technology in rooms 1116, 2002, and 2006 can capture the voice of the presenter (microphone must be worn) and anything that is sent to the primary projector (e.g. PowerPoint slide, a website from the dedicated computer, view of the document camera, etc.).

An IIT staff member will start/stop the recording and then process and release the recording from these rooms.

Video recordings will be made available through the HSLC’s IME Video Library.

Format: Videos can be streamed over the internet or downloaded as Quicktime files (.mov). An audio track can also be downloaded as an MP3.

Access: Access to the recordings is typically restricted to faculty, instructional staff and IT staff at the Schools of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Medicine.  For timetable course recordings, students currently enrolled in the course can also access the videos.  Videos can also be made publicly available through the Video Library.

Permanence of the Video Archive:  The HSLC IME Video Library group determines the length of time that lectures remain archived.  At this point in time, they have no plans to delete any past recordings; however, this policy is subject to change.  Arrangements can be made to move the video recording to Kaltura if a more permanent solution is needed.

  • This format is commonly used to create a video archive of lectures for students to review.

Standard Audio Capabilities

An audio recording of most types of events can easily be created through the use of a digital recorder.

An IIT staff member can train you on how to use a digital recorder. The end product of a basic audio recording is one or more MP3 files.

This format is commonly used to:

  • Record a meeting to be transcribed at a later date.
  • Record a presentation wherein a key observer is unable to attend.