Courses in Methods of Research and Analysis

Potential courses in research methods and statistics are listed below. This is a partial list; additional courses are available and can be approved for a student’s course of study by the Division Graduate Program Committee.

A. Research Methods

Courses in research methods are available in a number of schools/colleges and academic departments campus-wide. Courses that are appropriate as introductory or foundation methods courses that would meet MS program requirements are listed below, followed by additional, upper-level methods courses for specialization and PhD program requirements. Students in the MS program will take one of the introductory or foundation level courses in their first year; the selection of which specific first course is based on student interest and emphasis direction desired.

Introductory Research Methods Courses (MS Program)
Curric 714 Research and Evaluation Paradigms in Curriculum and Instruction
Marketing 710 Marketing Research
Pop Health 797 Introduction to Epidemiology
Soc 357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry
Soc 358 Design and Analysis of Social Research


Advanced Research Methods Courses (Specialization/PhD Program)
Curric 715 Design of Research in Curriculum and Instruction
Curric 717 Introduction to Qualitative Research
Ed Psych 762 Introduction to the Design of Educational Experiments
Marketing 810 Advanced Topics in Marketing Research
Pop Health 798 Epidemiologic Methodology
Pop Health 875 Assessment of Medical Technologies
Pop Health 876 Measuring Health Outcomes
Pub Affairs 869 Workshop in Program and Policy Analysis
Pub Affairs 871 Public Program Evaluation
Pub Affairs 881 Benefit-Cost Analysis
Soc 750 Research Methods in Sociology
Soc 751 Survey Methods for Social Research
Soc 752 Measurement and Questionnaires for Survey Research
Soc 755 Methods of Qualitative Research


B. Statistics and Analytic Techniques

There are a number of campus-wide course offerings that address the topic of statistics and analytic techniques. Course sequences and offerings in several disciplines are listed below. Courses recommended for MS program requirements are noted with an asterisk (*). The MS recommended courses provide the foundation for other statistics or analytic technique courses that can be selected from the range of courses available for advanced work and PhD requirements.

Statistics and Analytic Techniques Courses
Biostats 551 (*) Intro to Biostats for Pop Health
Pop Health 800 (*) Quantitative Methods in Pop Health
Acct I S 700 Financial Accounting
Econ 709 Economic Statistics and Econometrics I
Econ 710 Economic Statistics and Econometrics II
Econ 719 Economic Statistics and Econometrics III
Ed Psych 760 Stat Methods Applied to Education I
Ed Psych 761 Stat Methods Applied to Education II
Ed Psych 861 Statistical Analysis and Design in Educational Research
Ed Psych 862 Multivariate Analysis
Ed Psych 960 Structural Equation Modeling
Soc 360 Statistics for Sociologists I
Soc 361 Statistics for Sociologists II
Soc 362 Statistics for Sociologists III
Soc 952 Seminar Mathematical and Statistical Applications in Sociology