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Research Focus

We are a synthetic medicinal chemistry group. We develop novel synthetic methodologies aimed at designing small molecules that are useful in drug discovery and development. Read more here.

Group members are trained to:

  • pioneer novel chemical methodologies
  • apply synthetic strategies to generate novel, drug-like  scaffolds
  • prioritize, derisk and validate hit compounds
  • design key structural analogs
  • employ traditional and develop new synthetic methods to prepare compounds
  • analyze structure-activity and structure-property relationships from biochemical, cellular, and in vivo assays
  • refine a structural series activity profile using medicinal chemistry tactics
  • collaborate effectively with external partners

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Prospective graduate students, please apply to the Pharmaceutical Sciences Division PhD program in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Post-doctoral applicants, please send a CV, research summary, and an estimate of availability to

Undergraduate and PharmD students, please send your inquiry and an electronic copy of your CV to