Comparative Health Systems Global Pharmacy Fellowship

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The UW-Madison Comparative Health Systems Global Pharmacy Fellowship brings together exceptional, public-health oriented pharmacists from the US and international settings to work in collaboration to establish a global partnership for quality improvement of health systems with the intent of improving health outcomes. Graduates of this fellowship will be trained to strengthen health systems and address health disparities locally in their practice settings, and globally, through research, advocacy, policy efforts and ongoing international collaborations. This fellowship program emphasizes experiential learning, strong mentorship and rigor in research.

Fellows will work both in the US and the international setting to gain place-based understanding of health policy, systems and unmet needs in low-resource settings. Fellows will engage in didactic preparation and field experiences in both settings to prepare them for their quality improvement research project. Mentors will be identified in both venues based on the research project focus. Candidates for this fellowship must possess strong written and verbal communication skills.

The fellowship includes postgraduate didactic training in:

  • Research and quality improvement design and methodology
  • Public health research communication and dissemination
  • Statistics
  • Comparative health systems – rational medication use

Additionally, the pharmacists selected for this fellowship will:

  • Experience US policy and regulatory system in the State of Wisconsin and at the national level;
  • Interact with pharmacists who advocate for the profession of pharmacy within the Wisconsin government system;
  • Collaborate with country-specific Ministry of Health (MOH) and World Health Organization (WHO) members on data collection and public health data reporting;
  • Collaborate with an international fellow to complete a quality improvement project of value to both countries and monitor the outcomes and impact of the project;
  • Promote leadership and advocacy within the profession of pharmacy on a global level;
  • Give  international seminars on pressing global health issues;
  • Develop transferable skills related to communication, data reporting and dissemination, critical thinking and strategic planning;
  • Augment and develop advocacy and leadership skills

Products of the fellowship will include:

  • Data analysis of quality improvement project and proper data dissemination to the principle stakeholders (e.g., mentors,  MOH and WHO );
  • Poster presentation at a professional conference;
  • Publication of research project in an appropriate, peer-reviewed journal;
  • Completed grant proposal/s;
  • Program evaluation

Application Process

Applicants should submit the following documents:

  1. A personal letter of intent*
  2. Curriculum vitae*
  3. Official transcripts
  4. Three professional letters of recommendation written on official institutional letterhead*

Electronic submission is recommended for the items marked with the asterisk symbol (*).  The official transcripts, or other documents if E-mail is not available, may be mailed to:

Trisha Seys Rañola, PharmD, CDE, CGP
University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy
777 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

This fellowship position is currently filled.

Length of fellowship: Two years