Mattigan Mott

Undergraduate Student, UW–Madison School of Nursing

Mattigan (Mattie) is a pre-nursing undergraduate student. She hopes to earn a bachelor of science in nursing in spring 2023, with the goal of becoming a registered nurse. In addition to nursing, Mattie is currently pursuing a certificate in folklore studies.  


Mattie joined Dr. Shiyanbola’s lab in the fall of 2019 at the start of her freshman year. She joined the lab because she was interested in learning how research can impact public health outcomes. As a member of the lab, Mattie works primarily on the Peers LEAD project. She has engaged in rewarding and eye-opening conversations with individuals with diabetes as part of the project. Also, Mattie gained valuable insight into the healthcare system of the United States and how a population’s healthcare experiences impact their perceptions of the healthcare system.  


Working on Peers LEAD showed Mattie the importance of interprofessional teams in patient care and in developing research interventions that best benefit patients. Also, the project emphasized to Mattie the role of nurses in advocating for and educating their patients. She is extremely grateful to be a part of Peers LEAD and for the project experiences that will help her to be a more informed future health care provider.  


In addition to working in Dr. Shiyanbola’s research group, Mattie worked with first-year college students as an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow. She feels fortunate to be a resource for incoming students at UW–Madison. Mattie also works as a health technician for COVID testing and enjoys assisting in the university’s efforts to monitor and control the pandemic’s impact on campus. In her free time, Mattie enjoys baking gluten-free goods and spending time with her family and friends.