This study is being done to evaluate the benefits of pharmacist-delivered medication therapy management and/or a community health worker addressing social determinants of health related to diabetes medication adherence and management and health misperceptions.

Grant information

Enhancing diabetes maNagement with phaRmacIsts and Community Health workers  (ENRxICH)

ENRxICH is a NIH/NIDDK-funded 3.2 million 5-year study, a randomized factorial mixed methods trial that uses the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) to optimize diabetes management interventions for Black and Hispanic adults with uncontrolled diabetes.

We will investigate if adding medication therapy management or addressing SDOH and diabetes/medicine misperceptions, (or both) to usual care improves diabetes management among Black and Hispanic adults with uncontrolled diabetes. Our research will identify the most effective and cost-effective treatment package to optimize diabetes management using the application of MOST and an embedded experimental mixed methods design.