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University of Wisconsin-Madison

VIRTUAL: Busse Lecture Day 1 – Polymer Targeted Therapeutics: Learning from Our Failures – James R. Baker, Jr., MD




Busse Lecture
All-Division Colloquium

Polymer Targeted Therapeutics: Learning from Our Failures

Presenting: Polymer Targeted Therapeutics; Learning from Our Failures

Nanoparticle therapeutics have been expected to revolutionize drug delivery and improve therapeutics for many diseases including cancer. However, most nanoparticle therapeutics have failed during development. I will discuss issues related to the development of nanoparticle therapeutics that have led to failures using our own research as a guide. I will also provide alternative approaches that may finally facilitate the development of these therapeutics.

Hosted by Professor Seungpyo Hong

To obtain the Webex link for this seminar, contact Debra King at
Thursday, April 8, 2021
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

This event is brought to you by: Pharmaceutical Sciences Division