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Social & Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy, MS, PhD

The objective of the graduate programs in Social and Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy (SAS) is to prepare students for independent, theory-based research leading to new knowledge and understanding of drug use, patient and provider communication and behaviors, health outcomes, pharmacy practice, patient care systems, and the pharmacy profession. This is accomplished by integrating knowledge of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals with theories and concepts from disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, management sciences, education, epidemiology, history and law. 

Employers of SAS graduates include academic institutions, the private sector, and nonprofit and government entities. In particular, many SAS graduates aim for careers in academic pharmacy (pharmacy education).  For more information on such, see this resource from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP).

The graduate program in SAS has considerable flexibility and can be tailored to the interests of individual students. Since the program faculty have a broad range of knowledge and expertise, students can specialize in diverse areas of emphasis:

    • Pharmacy Economics
    • Pharmacy Marketing
    • Patient/Provider Perceptions and Behavior
    • Pharmacy and Health Communications
    • Pharmacy Policy
    • Humanistics Studies of Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy Systems and Organizations
    • Client Outcomes

Students in the SAS graduate programs have all the advantages of studying at a world class institution of higher learning. Courses taken from a wide range of academic units on campus provide access to top teachers and researchers.

If you hold or soon will earn a degree in Pharmacy, Sociology, Business, Economics, History, or a related field, and if you seek to apply your knowledge and skills to pharmacy-related research at the highest levels, contact us. You can earn the M.S. and/or Ph.D. degrees in Social and Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy with emphasis in any of the diverse areas of concentration within our program.

A complete listing of courses with descriptions offered by the Social & Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy Division is available in the UW-Madison Course Guide; select "Social & Administrative Pharmacy" under "Subject".

Download a printable brochure about the Social & Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy Ph.D. Program.


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