Equity, Diversity & Climate Committees

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The Equity, Diversity and Climate Committees work to promote a climate, curriculum, and community that values social justice and inclusivity and academic excellence throughout the school. One committee is dedicated to student issues and concerns; the other to faculty and staff issues and concerns.

2017-18 EDC Committee: Student Focus
Barry Gidal (chair)
Susan Tran Degrand (vice chair)
Warren Heideman
Amanda Margolis
Ken Niemeyer
Emily Tarter
Yolanda Tolson
Logan Laatsch (DPH-4)
Maren Vanmieghem (DPH-3)
Theresa Emmerling (DPH-3)
Griffin Budde (DPH-2)
William Hellan (DPH-1)
Jenevieve Van Order (DPH-1)
Kyle Wayner (DPH-1)
Brad LeVesque (PharmTox 4)
Ramsey Benkert (PharmTox 3)
Jhewelle Fitz-Henley (PharmSci graduate student)
Joohyun Park (SAS graduate student)
2017-18 EDC Committee: Faculty/Staff Focus
Arash Bashirullah (chair)
Jenni Regan (vice chair)
Amy Childs
Sally Griffith-Oh
Kristen Huset
Jason Kwan
Kevin Look
Joan Palmer
Tina Rundle
Weiping Tang
Susan Tran Degrand
Amy Zwaska


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