Travel – Know before you go

The Business Office in the School of Pharmacy (Rm 1203) assists with interpreting travel policy, payments in some instances, and approving/auditing E-reimbursements.


It is the responsibility of the traveler to understand and comply with UW Travel policies!  Please acquaint yourself.

Visit and scroll down to “201 Travel”.

In preparing for a business trip, the following may be helpful:


  • Contact the Travel Coordinator (Julie Steinle) or your travel alternate to discuss your upcoming travel to ensure adherence to policy and maximum reimbursement of travel expenses.

    Travel alternates as of Fall, 2017 are:
    – Debra King – Pharm Sci Division
    – Kristen Huset – SAS Division
    – Barb Beinborn – PPD Division
    – Lindsey Weigel – Student & Academic Affairs
    – Zoe Andrews – Dean and his support staff
    – Kate Collins – DPPD


  • Due to (a)significant administrative costs associated with use of the school’s Purchasing Card (cardholder is Josh Cutler); (b) a desire to keep business expenses separate from personal expenses; and (c) the desire to keep out-of-pocket travel expenses to a minimum, you are STRONGLY recommended to apply for and obtain the UW “My Corporate Card” for payment of your travel expenses:

  • If your out-of-state trip will be paid with 101 or 104 funds, complete the Out of State Travel Approval form, and obtain necessary signatures (all in-state trips and trips to Minneapolis and Chicago are exempt).  This signed form then will reside in the Business Office.
  • If your trip will be paid with project funds (133/135/144, etc.)  and/or if it involves international travel, check with the Research Admin office to verify that this will be allowable under the terms of the grant.
    Ann Thornburg
    E-mail Russell:



  • If your trip will involve flying a standard, domestic, round trip, create a user profile in Fox World Travel’s on-line booking tool for booking your airfare (hotel and car rental can be reserved here too).  This is a UW contracted vendor and MUST be used for on-line booking.

  • Complex domestic trips, travel including other family members, or complex international travel can be handled by calling a Fox World Travel agent.

  • The UW pays only for direct flights. The traveler must pay for any indirect or personal legs. If you are combining personal travel with business travel, you must provide cost comparisons to document that the personal portion of your trip is not creating any additional costs for the University (airfare business flight days compared to extended flight days due to personal vacation time, hotel room – single vs double, shuttles 1 person vs 2, etc.)   THE AIRFARE COMPARISON MUST BE DONE AT THE TIME OF BOOKING YOUR TICKET.
  • DO NOT USER ORBITZ!   Orbitz is not in compliance with State of Wisconsin vendor requirements and therefore cannot be used for travel.  If you purchase anything through ORBITZ, you WILL NOT be reimbursed.
  • For additional requirements pertaining to international travel, see Policy 201.J International Travel.


  • Reimbursement of self-paid expenses is handled through UW’s E-reimbursement.  Your alternate can prepare for you or you can personally submit through the G.E.T. Tool at  (Due to the complexities of travel policy, the School of Pharmacy suggests you work with your travel alternate).