Business Office

The School of Pharmacy Business Services provides the administrative support for the school’s faculty, staff and students relating to the educational, research and public service mission of the school.

The Business Office has five support staff to provide the following administrative services:

  • Budgeting and Financial Operations (Liz Funk Smith)
  • Human Resources and Visas (Jenni Regan)
  • Payroll and Employee Benefits (Nicole Woodards)
  • Purchasing (Shelley Calhoun, Josh Cutler, & Julie Steinle)
  • Travel and E-Reimbursement (Julie Steinle)
  • Health and Safety (Josh Cutler)
  • Facility Security and Access (Josh Cutler)
  • Facility Remodeling and Maintenance (Josh Cutler)
  • Stockroom (Josh Cutler)
  • Parking (Employee- Jenni Regan, Visitor-Josh Cutler)

Navigating the Administrative Maze (it takes a village)

  • There are WI State, UW-System, UW-Madison, project sponsors, accounting and purchasing (etc.) policies and procedures that dictate much of what is procured on campus. Compliance is essential to provide stewardship over purposeful funds and avoid audit penalties, disallowances, and delays.
  • The Business Office can help faculty and staff navigate through these perplexing policies and help avoid needing to know them all. Our goal is to assist and provide support to your instructional and research endeavors, which may at times require some help and expertise from faculty and staff in areas such as business purposes, justifications, technical related information, and timely supporting documentation.
  • Help us help you.

Resources: Jenni Regan (faculty & staff) & Nicole Woodards (graduate students)

Hiring Faculty, Staff, Grad Students

  • Consult with Jenni Regan or Nicole Woodards as soon as possible if you are looking to hire a staff member or graduate student.

Recruitment and Hiring factors to remember:

  • Most academic and university staff hires require a full recruitment, which can take 2+ months.
  • If you are hiring a post doc, contact Jenni Regan with at least 1 month notice and note the extra time needed if a visa is required.
  • If you are hiring a foreign national, visa processing takes anywhere from 3 – 6 months.

Resources: Nicole Woodards (faculty, staff, and graduate students)

Employee Benefit Information:

  • Access to all employee benefit information including available plans, premium amounts, and applications, as well as payroll and tax forms (paycheck direct deposit and W4 forms) can be found at:

Resources: Shelley Calhoun, Josh Cutler, Julie Steinle

“It is the responsibility of each person to comply with Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Codes when expending public funds (regardless of the source of the funding) deposited with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”

Wis. Stats. 16.77(2) states whenever a person “…contracts for the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services contrary to ss. 16.705 to 16.82 or rules promulgated … the contract is void, and any officer or subordinate is liable for the cost thereof.” (

Purchases below $5000

Purchases below $5000 do not require special approval.

  • MDS: Dell, Staples, Fisher, VWR, Sigma-Aldrich, Grainger, Airgas (consult with Josh)
  • SWAP (Josh)
  • Purchasing Card (Josh & Julie)
  • External Requisition (Shelley & Julie)
  • Blanket Orders (Shelley & Josh)
  • Direct Payments & Payments to Individuals (Shelley)

Purchases between $5000 and $49,999

Purchases between $5000 and $49,999 require special handling (consult with Shelley).

Purchases over $50,000

Purchases over $50,000 require a sealed bid (consult with Shelley).

Sub-contracts vs. Purchasing

(Faculty, Business Office, and RSP collaboration is necessary to determine appropriate track before partnerships are formalized)

Paying Individuals (Payroll vs. Purchasing Services)

Research Subjects

Resources: Julie Steinle, Division Travel Alternates, Josh Cutler (Fox World Travel/Concur)

On-line UW travel booking tool (Concur)

  • Concur is a comprehensive and innovative online corporate travel booking tool that delivers real time access to airline inventory in an intuitive and easy-to use online experience. When you book travel in Concur, you will have access to UW System negotiated airline discounts with American, Delta and United, as well as the state contract car rental rates and coverage.
  • See Josh for help in setting up a new user profile in Concur.

Travel Cost Comparisons


  • Verifying the business nature of the trip must be provided. Please provide paper documentation. This is usually a conference brochure, but in cases of business meetings, please provide agenda and names of attendees, e-mails, etc. as documentation.

Reimbursement of Non-Travel Purchases

  • UW prefers miscellaneous items be purchases via Pcard or MDS instead of submitting via E-Reimbursement.  If you choose to purchase on your own and seek reimbursement, you will have to provide a reason why you couldn’t use a Pcard or MDS.

Resources: Liz Funk Smith, Christine Preston, or Shelley Calhoun