2006 UW Honorary Citation Report – Repta

2006 citation winner-Repta

Arnold J. Repta transferred to UW-Madison in 1963 from UW-Milwaukee where he had studied pre-pharmacy and completed his first year of pharmacy school. In Madison, he earned his BS in pharmacy and went on to earn MS and PhD degrees under the guidance of Professor Takeru Higuchi, PhD.

After graduating, he took a position as assitant professor of pharmacy at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, where he achieved tenure and professor status and served more than 17 years on the faculty. In addition to his service activities and teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, he conducted research and published more than 100 articles. He supervised and mentored graduate students in both the MS and PhD programs.

In 1983, Repta became the executive director and then president of InterX Research Corporation (a druge delivery technology company also located in Lawrence, KS) a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck and Co., Inc. In 1994, he relocated to Wilmington, DE, and became vide president of analytical and pharmaceutical development at the Dupont-Merck Pharmaceutical Company (later Dupont Pharmaceuticals). During his tenure in Delaware, numerous drug products were developed including the anti-HIV drug SUSTIVA. After the acquisition of DuPont Pharmaceuticals by Bristol-Meyers Squibb in 2001, Repta went on to become vice- president of research and development at Inhale Pharmaceuticals (now Nektar Therapeutics) in San Carlos, CA, where he remained for more than two years.

Repta is a fellow of both the American Pharmaceutical Association and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and is an author/co-author of more than 20 patents.

Throughout his career, Repta has been very supportive of the UW School of Pharmacy, both financially and as an alumnus. He has encouraged numerous students to enroll in graduate and undergraduate programs at UW-Madison, which he contends is one of the premier universities in the world.

Since 2003, Repta has been living in Park City, Utah, and has been active as a pharmaceutical consultant and skier. He is married (44 years) to Barbara Repta and they are the parents of two children who also live in Utah.