2005 UW Honorary Citation Report – Jensen

Russell Jensen is the Director of Pharmacy at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center and Dean Medical Center in Madison. He received his BS in pharmacy in 1970 and his MS in hospital pharmacy administration in 1974, both from UW-Madison.

Jensen’s residency training, which began in 1971, was interrupted for a couple of years when he was called by the Selective Service Board to serve as a commissioned officer in the US Public Health Service in South Dakota. Upon completing his residency in 1974 he traveled to Kentucky to begin his administrative career, and returned to Madison four years later as Director of Phamacy for St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center.

He has been the President of the Hospital Pharmacy Society in both Kentucky and Wisconsin, Treasurer for the Pharmacy Alumni Association (1996-2001) and Treasurer for the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin. In addition to these professional organizations, Jensen has represented pharmacy by his involvement with the Madison Area Technical College, Diversified Health Services, and Mercy National Purchasing.

As Director of Pharmacy for St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center, Jensen was significantly involved in implementing a bar code system at the point of medication administration to improve the safety and quality of the medication use process. This initiative helped St. Mary’s earn the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award, the highest honor a US company can receive for quality management and quality achievement.