Alumna of the Year – 2002

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy in 1968 and her Master of Science in Continuing and Vocational Education in 1980.

For several years beyond graduation, Charlotte worked in a variety of traditional pharmacy positions in Wisconsin, Texas, North Dakota and Colorado. Since holding these positions, Charlotte has created many new pharmacy career paths.

In the late 70’s she became Assistant to the Dean of the School of Pharmacy and was responsible for program planning, curriculum development, teaching and technical editing.

In the 80’s, Charlotte became the vice president of sales and marketing for Wheatstone Programs and Products where she was involved in product development, marketing and sales of natural food products to wholesalers and retailers. Her sales career continued for the next few years when she was employed by Concept Marketing Associates and was responsible for durable and disposable medical equipment sales. She continued her work with wholesalers and retailers as she became the Director of Training for D.P. Hamacher and Associates.

Over the last decade, Charlotte co-founded Capital Returns, Inc., a nationally known pharmaceutical reverse distributor and served as President and their Chief Regulatory Advisor for 10 years. Charlotte is currently President of PharmEcology Associate, LLC which she founded in 2000 to assist healthcare facilities in reducing and managing pharmaceutical waste. In these positions, Ms Smith pioneered the application of the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act regulations to pharmaceutical waste streams within the reverse distribution industry and developed management systems to assist healthcare facilities in reducing pharmaceutical waste.

She has published extensively on hazardous materials and reverse distribution and has been an invited lecturer for local, state and national pharmaceutical audiences as well as healthcare environmental services professionals.

Ms Smith has been a member and currently is the chair person of the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy Board of Visitors, member of state and national pharmacy, and national healthcare engineers and environmental services associations.

In 1978 she was listed as one of the Outstanding Young Women of America.

Charlotte is passionate about her business ventures, career and life. She is energetic, inspirational, pleasant, approachable and a great role model for women in pharmacy.