Resources for Teaching

Professor Glenn Sonnedecker and graduate student Greg Higby work with history of pharmacy artifacts.AIHP encourages and promotes the teaching of history in pharmacy education and seeks to make resources available to assist instructors in incorporating the history of pharmacy in the curriculum.

Meeting ACPE History Guidelines

AIHP’s Historical Studies Committee recently published the “AIHP Guidelines on Teaching History in Pharmacy Education: Meeting ‘Standards 2016’ of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education” for the benefit of instructors of the history of pharmacy.

The Goal of the AIHP Guidelines is to guide and assist the pharmacy academy in the development of pharmacy history education that will meet the 2016 ACPE Accreditation Standard. It is understood that these guidelines can be met in a number of ways, from a distribution of the material throughout the curriculum to a portion of a single course or a stand-alone course.

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