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Pharmacy educators agree that teaching ethics presents special challenges. This AIHP publication: Foundations of Ethical Pharmacy Practice, by Robert A. Buerki and Louis D. Vottero, draws on their more lengthy publication (Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice) to cover the subject area when a dedicated course is not available. Jurisprudence classes or clerkships would find this new publication a good fit. View an excerpt of Foundations. Publication supported in part by the AIHP Pharmacy Education Fund. BKS24 $20.00 ($12.00 for members)


cover image of "Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice"Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice by Robert Buerki and Louis D. Vottero BKS18 $30.00 ($18.00 for members) Review of the first edition: “The extensive use of current pharmacy practice examples throughout Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice results in a highly accessible presentation of ethical theory which is immediately applicable by both beginning and advanced students…. The layout of Ethical Responsibility could serve as a model syllabus for a course in pharmacy ethics.” —American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

New Material Added to the second edition of this comprehensive 272-page textbook:

  • Case studies with full commentaries
  • Glossary of pertinent terms
  • Current issues of ethical concern

cover image of "Drugstore Memories"Drugstore Memories edited by Glenn Sonnedecker, David L. Cowen, and Gregory J. Higby BKS14 $15.00 ($9.00 for members) Praise for Drugstore Memories: “This book is a view from the ground of health care in the United States in the period between 1824 and 1933. The text consists entirely of ‘unpolished and unexpurgated’ quotations from 59 practicing pharmacists…. This book should interest both the specialist and the non-specialist. Within the limitations of a multi-authored work written from ‘the ground,’ it offers a good and often charming view of pharmacy (with a glimpse of medicine and sociology) as it was practiced in the 19th and early 20th centuries, before the profound changes that occurred after the Second World War.” –New England Journal of Medicine

cover image: "Kremers and Urdang's History of Pharamcy"Kremers and Urdang’s History of Pharmacy by Glenn Sonnedecker BKS46 [print-on-demand edition] $36.00 ($21.60 for members) “This classical text on the history of pharmacy… has retained its position of preeminence through the passing of the years. The fourth edition, revised by Dr. Sonnedecker, has continued the quality of excellence and accuracy that has characterized earlier editions of the volume. The profession of pharmacy should be rightfully proud of its good heritage so well delineated in this volume. The treatise is a challenge for the future of the profession and should be read by everybody associated with drugs in the treatment of disease.” —Bulletin of the History of Medicine
“This book is a ‘must’ not only for pharmacy students, faculty, and libraries but for all in the profession. A deeper appreciation for and pride in pharmacy will be the profit for reading time thus invested.” —Amer. Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

cover image of "History of Drug Containers and Their Labels"History of Drug Containers and Their Labels by George Griffenhagen and Mary Bogard BKS35 $19.95 ($11.95 for members) “There are several excellent books that describe the development of the drug container in individual countries, but few review the worldwide development from origin to the present. As for drug labels, there are only two books that have been published dealing exclusively with the development of the drug label; one was published in Germany in 1982, and the other was published in Holland in 1984, Since a comprehensive study of drug container should also take into consideration the label, this study breaks new ground.” –From the introduction to A History of Drug Containers and Their Labels  

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