Slide Talks

Each set of slides is accompanied by a manuscript keyed to the slides for oral presentation.
* Slides now available only in digital format, as Powerpoint presentation along with the script as a PDF.  A bibliographic note is included for those who wish to do additional background reading on the subject.  Postpaid purchase prices are given.

Carl W. Scheele, Pharmacist-Chemist George Urdang and Ernst Stieb. The life and work of an 18th-century pharmacist who became one of the great chemists of all time. 20 slides. ST5 $20.00 ($12.00)

A Collector’s Guide to Prescription Vials and Bottles Mary O. Bogard. Pharmacy glassware from the 19th and early 20th centuries. 20 slides. ST10 $20.00 ($12.00)

Drugs and Pharmacy on Stamps George B. Griffenhagen. The history of pharmacy and materia medica on stamps. 55 slides. ST15 $20.00 ($12.00)

Evolution of the Drug Jar George B. Griffenhagen. The development of drug containers from ancient to modern times. 30 slides. ST20 $20.00 ($12.00)

From Turlington’s Balsam to Hadacol—The Medicines in Their Bottles James Harvey Young. A history of patent medicines in America from colonial days to present. 31 slides. ST30 $20.00 ($12.00)

History of the Prescription Bottle Mary O. Bogard. History of the prescription bottle from 1800-1950 in the United States. 40 slides. ST35 $20.00 ($12.00)

Medicines in the American Revolutionary Period Michael B. Shannon. The story of pharmacy and drugs in colonial and revolutionary America. 45 slides. ST40 $20.00 ($12.00)

Nineteenth-Century Proprietary Medicine Trade Cards William H. Helfand. Trade Cards advertising proprietary medicines, late 19th and early 20th centuries. 54 slides. ST45 $20.00 ($12.00)

Pharmacy and Therapeutics in Caricature William H. Helfand. How pharmacists and the drugs they dispensed have been caricatured throughout history. 27 slides. ST50 $20.00 ($12.00)

Pharmacy Through the Ages George Griffenhagen. This visual history traces the evolution of pharmacy practice from the 2nd century until the 1960s, with period paintings, woodcuts, engravings, and photographs. 30 slides. ST53 $20.00 ($12.00)

Powders and Pills of Oldtime Pharmacists James R. Fenno. The development of various forms of administration of drugs, particularly oral dosage forms such as powders, pills, and capsules. 39 slides. ST55 $20.00 ($12.00)

Representative Hospital Formularies of the 18th and 19th Centuries Alex Berman. The character of earlier-day formularies, international in scope, discussing both the significant and the curious. 21 slides. ST65 $20.00 ($12.00)

Shop Bottles, Another Mirror of the Practice of Pharmacy John K. Crellin and Mary O. Bogard. Shop bottles in 19th-century American pharmacy. 20 slides. ST70 $20.00 ($12.00)