Pamphlets & Leaflets

Agatha Christie and Pharmacy Three articles from Pharmacy in History , 1991, 19 pp. PL1 $4.50 ($3.00)

Drug Supplies in the American Revolution+ George B. Griffenhagen (from United States Museum Bulletin 225, p. 110-113). PL15 $3.00 ($2.20)

History of Dosage Forms and Basic Preparations+ Robert A. Buerki and Gregory J. Higby. Offprint from the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology, Vol. 7, 1993, pp. 299-339, Marcel Dekker, Inc. PL17 $6.00 ($4.00)

“Let Us Sing of Lydia Pinkham” and Other Proprietary Medicines William Helfand, 1994, 43 pp., illus. Lively and informative examination of proprietary medicine advertising songs and songbooks. PL20 $8.00 ($4.75)

New Light on the Origin of Show Globes George Urdang, 1949, 5 pp. PL25 $2.00 ($1.00)

Old English Patent Medicines in America George B. Griffenhagen and James Harvey Young (from Pharmacy in History, Vol. 34, #4, 1992, 32 pp.; reprinted with additional reference material from United States Museum Bulletin 218, pp. 155-83). PL27 $3.50 ($2.00)

Pharmaco-Historical Resources in Madison, Wisconsin Gregory J. Higby and Elaine C. Stroud, 1989, 18 pp. Reprinted from Pharmacy in History. PL35 $3.00 ($2.20)

Pharmaceutical Education in Nineteenth-Century Ohio Robert A. Buerki, 1995, 42 pp. Reprint from Ohio History. PL51 $3.00 ($2.20)

Pharmacy in the United States . . . Prior to the Civil War+ George Urdang (from The Merck Report, April and July 1947), 10 pp. PL40 $3.00 ($2.20)

Receipts to Cure Various Disorders+ Facsimile, translation, and commentary of pharmacy recipe book sent to Mr. Winthrop by Dr. Stafford in 1643 (The Badger Pharmacist, April 1937, No. 15) 24 pp. PL50 $3.00 ($2.20)