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American Pharmacy (1852-2002): A Collection of Historical Essays Gregory Higby and Elaine Stroud, eds. 2005, 128 pp. Essays reprinted from the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association series commemorating the sesquicentennial of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Monograph series #21. ISBN: 0-931292-39-5 BKS06 $20.00 ($12.00)  View an excerpt

Apothecaries and the Drug Trade: Essays in Celebration of the Work of David L. Cowen  Gregory Higby and Elaine Stroud, eds. 2001, 81 pp. Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the AIHP and the AAHM in honor of the career of David L. Cowen. Four essays by leading scholars concerning the history of pharmacy and pharmacy practice in Europe and the United States. Monograph series #19. ISBN: 0-931292-36-0 BKS08 $10.00 ($6.00)

Can A Professional Ethos Be Taught?  Proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the AIHP at the 85th Annual Meeting of the AACP; formal presentations reprinted with permission of the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, and panel discussion transcribed by the AIHP, 1985, 18 pp. BKS10 $4.00 ($2.75)

Chemical Pharmacy Enters the University: Johannes Hartmann and the Didactic Care of Chymiatria in the Early Seventeenth Century  Bruce T. Moran, 1991, 88 pp. Discussion of the roots of medicinal chemistry and the entrance of pharmacy into western academia. Monograph Series #14. ISBN: 0-931292-23-9 pbk; ISBN: 0-931292-24-7 cloth. BKS16 paper $8.50 ($5.50) BKS17 cloth $16.00 ($10.00)

Drugs and Medicines, tobacco and segars”: As Madison Grows Pharmacy Grows+  Russell W. Archer, 1979, 416 pp. Traces the growth of pharmacy in Madison from 1837-1937, also includes a brief history of the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy up to 1979, cloth. BKS98 $20.00 ($12.00)

Drugstore Memories  Glenn Sonnedecker, David L. Cowen, and Gregory J. Higby, editors, 2002, 154pp. Community pharmacists of other times recall life behind the counter in Drugstore Memories, an anthology of reminiscences, diaries, memoirs, letters, and other publications. ISBN 0-931292-38-7 BKS14 $15.00 ($9.00)

Ethical Practices in Pharmacy: A Guidebook for Pharmacy Technicians  Robert A. Buerki, and Louis D. Vottero, 1997, 55 pp. Addresses the expectations for ethical behavior raised by the “Code of Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians,” approved by the Board of Directors of the American Associations of Pharmacy Technicians on January 1996 and the “Model Curriculum for Pharmacy Technician Training.” (Companion Manual is available. See above.) ISBN 0-931292-28-X BKS20 $12.00 ($7.20)

Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice, 2nd Ed.  Robert A. Buerki and Louis D. Vottero, 2002, 272 pp. Second expanded edition of this popular textbook that presents the study of pharmacy ethics using case histories and discussion questions. ISBN: 0-931292-37-9 BKS18 $30.00 ($18.00)

Folklore and Folk Medicine  John Scarborough, ed., 1987, 122 pp. Proceedings of the 1986 Symposium. Monograph Series #10. ISBN: 0-931292-19-0 BKS25 $9.00 ($5.75)

Foundations of Ethical Pharmacy Practice  Robert A. Buerki and Louis D. Vottero, 2008, 56 pp. Handy condensed publication for teaching Ethics, based on the more extensive Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice. ISBN 978-0-931292-42-2 BKS24 $20.00 ($12.00)

George Urdang (1882-1960): Images from His Life and Work+  Holger Goetzendorff, 2000, 258 pp. An illustrated history detailing the life and times of George Urdang, the pioneering historian of pharmacy in the United States, and the first director of the AIHP. BKS26 $60.00 ($40.00)

Guide to Pharmacy Museums and Historical Collections in the United States and Canada  George Griffenhagen, Beth D. Fisher, Ernst Stieb, 1999. OUT OF PRINT—Available as PDF ON THIS WEBSITE

Historical Hobbies for the Pharmacist Gregory Higby & Elaine Stroud, eds., 1994, 84 pp. Proceedings of 1993 symposium chaired by George Griffenhagen. Monograph Series #15. ISBN: 0-931292-26-3 OUT OF PRINT  View an excerpt

History of Drug Containers and Their Labels George Griffenhagen and Mary O. Bogard, 1999. Worldwide development of the drug container and its label, from its origin to the present. ISBN 0-931292-33-6 BKS35 $19.95 ($11.95)

In Service to American Pharmacy: The Professional Life of William Procter, Jr.+  Gregory J. Higby, 1992, 269 pp. Biography of William Procter, Jr., and his influence on American Pharmacy. University of Alabama Press. ISBN: 0-8173-0591-2 cloth BKS40 $15.00 ($9.00)

Inside Story of Medicines: A Symposium Gregory J. Higby, and Elaine Stroud, eds., View Table of Contents  1997, 304 pp. Papers read at the 1996 symposium “Medicines: The Inside Story, ” held in Atlanta, Georgia. Addresses questions relating to the discovery, development, and utilization of medicines. Monograph Series #16. ISBN: 0931292-32-8 pbk; ISBN 0931292-31-X cloth. BKS41 paper $15.00 ($9.00) BKS42 cloth $25.00 ($15.00)

Kremers & Urdang’s History of Pharmacy  Glenn Sonnedecker, rev. 4th ed., 1976, 571 pp. 129 illustrations. (This is a “print-on-demand” version with all the same content.) ISBN: 0-931292-17-4 BKS46 $36.00 ($21.60)

Medicine and Pharmacy in American Political Prints (1765-1870)  William H. Helfand, 1978, 84 pp., illus. Monograph Series #4. ISBN: 0-931292-07-7 BKS50 $11.00 ($7.00)

My Dear Mr. Bell: Letters from Dr. Jonathan Pereira to Mr. Jacob Bell, London, 1844-1853  C. P. Cloughly, J. G. L. Burnby, and M. P. Earles, eds., 1987, 129 pp. ISBN: 0-931292-18-2 BKS55 $10.00 ($6.00)

One Hundred Years of the National Formulary: A Symposium  Gregory J. Higby, ed., 1989, 112 pp. The 1988 symposium sponsored by the AIHP and the United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc., at the AIHP Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Monograph Series #12. ISBN: 0-931292-21-2 BKS60 $8.00 ($5.00)

Pharmacy in History  Quarterly journal included with AIHP membership ($50.00 annual domestic dues, $60.00 annual foreign dues). This title and the printed format began as Volume 4, 1959, continuing to present. Single issue price for members or non-members is $7.50 per issue. (Numbers out of print are: Vol. 4, #1, 2; Vol. 5, #3; all of Vol. 6; all of Vol. 7; Vol. 8, #1; Vol. 9, #2, 3; Vol. 11, #1, 2, 3; Vol. 12, #3; Vol. 17, #4; Vol. 18, #1; Vol. 20, #2; Vol. 21, #1; Vol. 23, #3; Vol. 25, #1, 2; Vol. 26, #1; Vol. 27, #2; Vol. 28, #1; Vol. 30, #2.) ISSN: 0031-7047 BKS76

Pharmacy in Philately Album  George Griffenhagen, 1989, 80 pp., illus. Topical stamp album tracing the history of the profession of pharmacy from ancient to modern times. 440 illustrations representing 112 countries. BKS80 $20.00 ($12.00)

Pill Peddlers: Essays on the History of the Pharmaceutical Industry  Jonathan Liebenau, Gregory J. Higby, and Elaine C. Stroud, eds., 1990, 133 pp. Proceedings of the 1987 symposium on the history of the pharmaceutical industry emphasising the industry’s international growth. Monograph Series #13. ISBN: 0-931292-22-0 BKS86 $10.95 ($6.95)

Potions, Pills, and Purges: The Art of Pharmacy  William H. Helfand, 1995, 60 pp. Guide to 1995 exhibit, “The Art of Pharmacy,” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. BKS88 $15.95 ($9.50)

The Role of Women in Pharmacy+  Mary J. Berg and Janice K. Fuller, eds., 1993, 160 pp. Proceedings from the International Leadership Symposium held in London, England, June 1987. BKS87 $10.00 ($6.00)

The Section of Teachers of Continuing Education at Twenty-Five Years+  Proceedings of the AACP symposium, reprinted from American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, Vol. 52, Winter 1988, 20 pp. BKS90 $4.00 ($2.75)

A Selection of Primary Sources for the History of Pharmacy in the United States: Books and Trade Catalogs from the Colonial Period to 1940  Nydia M. King, 1987, 123 pp. Monograph Series #9. Descriptive catalog of selected university micro-films and fiche of rare or out of print works relating to the history of pharmacy. ISBN: 0-931292-16-6 BKS92 $11.00 ($7.00)

Sources in the History of American Pharmacology  John Parascandola and Elizabeth Keeney, 1983, 59 pp. ISBN: 0-931292-12-3 BKS94 $5.00 ($3.00)

Teaching the History of Pharmacy Today  Robert A. Buerki, 1999, 90 pp. From a symposiumin 1997, with a Foreword by Gregory J. Higby. OUT OF PRINT—AVAILABLE AS PDF ON THIS WEBSITE   Table of Contents

Wisconsin Show Globe: The Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association, 1880-1980+  Eunice Bonow Bardell, 1983, 294 pp. A History of the Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association. Published by Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association. BKS99 $15.00 ($9.00)