Sponsorship Opportunities

Since its founding in 1941, the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy has received support from the health care industry. Several special funding opportunities exist within the Institute’s programming. The following are just a sampling of the cooperative efforts that can be designed to benefit the health care professions and the people they serve through history. If you or your firm are interested in sponsorship of these or other projects, contact:

Greg Higby, AIHP Director (608) 262-5378 sponsor@aihp.org

The AIHP is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit educational organization.

Thesis Support Grants

For nearly twenty years, the Institute has distributed grants to graduate students across the United States investigating history of pharmacy topics. Recipients of AIHP thesis support grants have gone on to prominent positions in academia and government. Naming rights to the grants, etc., are available at the $10,000 sponsorship level.

Pharmacy in History

The flagship journal of the history of pharmacy in North America, Pharmacy in History has been published for five decades by the Institute.  Covering its field worldwide over the complete history of human civilization, PH continues to contain the best in peer-reviewed historical contributions.  Per issue sponsorship available at $10,000 level.

Archival Program

The record of American pharmacy is disappearing at an alarming rate. The Institute is combating this trend through its archival programs. In cooperation with the Historical Society of Wisconsin, the Institute has built the largest pharmaco-archival collection in North America. In addition, the Institute maintains the Kremers Reference Files, the largest topical reference collection on the history of pharmacy. Donations of any size toward maintaining these priceless collections would be gratefully acknowledged in AIHP publications. Ideally, a graduate assistantship ($20k) would be funded. (Since the archival program is a joint effort undertaken with the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, educational grants may be made directly to the School if this approach is simpler to grantors.)

CD-ROM / Web History of Pharmacy Course Development

Helping professors teach the history of pharmacy has always been a priority for the Institute. The growing number of schools and colleges of pharmacy along with changing instructional content has created an increased need for materials in the area of professional education. A comprehensive history of pharmacy course on CD-ROM or on a corporate website would be utilized by thousands of pharmacy students across the nation and the world. Full sponsorship of the two-year project would require a grant of $250,000.

Endowment Campaign

Donations of $5,000 or above to the AIHP Endowment Campaign earn permanent recognition in the Institute’s Honor Roll published annually.


Each year the Institute confers awards based on contributions to our special field. These include Certificates of Commendation (for state and local history); the Edward Kremers Award (for historical writing by an American); and the George Urdang Medal (for historical writing internationally). Sponsorship of award ceremonies, receptions, and connected events is available.

Book Subventions

The AIHP publishes a wide variety of books, slide talks, and instructional texts. Corporate subventions ($3k to $10k) of publications are gratefully acknowledged.

Special Projects

Do you have a special historical project in mind dealing with pharmacy? During our long history we have cooperated with several firms on unique projects, e.g., the famous Parke-Davis series of Robert Thom paintings. Give us a call at (608) 262-5378 or send us an email at Projects@aihp.org to start the ball rolling!