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Meeting ACPE History Guidelines

The Goal of the AIHP Guidelines on Teaching History of Pharmacy Education is to guide and assist the pharmacy academy in the development of pharmacy history education that will meet the 2016 ACPE Accreditation Standard. It is understood that these guidelines can be met in a number of ways, from a distribution of the material throughout the curriculum to a portion of a single course or a stand-alone course.

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Pharmacy in History Excerpt

Apothecary’s Cabinet Full Content

Table of Contents for Apothecary’s Cabinet (AC) articles:

Issue 1  (Fall 2000)

Pharmacy in the American Century, Gregory J.Higby (pp. 1-5)
Philatelic Recognition of History of Pharmacy, George Griffenhagen, ( pp. 6-8)
Greenies at Home, William H.Helfand, ( p. 9)
Glass Label Bottles in Pharmacy, (p. 11)
Le Coquetier, David L. Cowen, (p. 13) 

Issue 2 (Spring 2001)

Century of Change: The Coming of Miracle Drugs, John P. Swann (pp. 1-5)
Smoke Ball Cure, William H. Helfand (p. 7)
Early Drug Wholesalers, Gregory J. Higby (pp. 8-9)
Tying the Knot — Secundum Artem, David L. Cowen (p. 13)

Issue 3 (Fall 2001)

Collecting Pharmaceutical Antiques, Michael Harris and Charles Richardson (pp. 1-3)
Cigarette Cards, William H. Helfand (p. 4)
Emergence of American Pharmacy, Gregory J. Higby (pp. 7-10)
Drugstore and the Telephone, David L. Cowen(p. 11) 

Issue 4 (Spring 2002)

eAuctions and Pharmaceutical Antique Collecting—eCaveat Emptor, Anthony Palmieri III (pp. 1-4)
Swallowing the Pill, David L. Cowen (p. 6) Pharmacy and Exploration, Elaine C. Stroud (pp. 7-8)
Pharmacy over the Moon, Christiane Staiger (pp. 8-9)
Nineteenth-Century Manufacturing Promotion, William H. Helfand (p. 10)
Essay on “History,” WilliamZellmer (pp. 12-13)

Issue 5 (Fall 2002)

Pioneer Herbal Drug: The Early History of American Ginseng, Gregory J. Higby (pp. 1-6)
Throop Pharmacy Museum, Lee Anna Obos (pp. 7-8)
New York Quinine and Chemical works illustration, William H. Helfand(p. 9)
Industrial Origins and Pharmacy, David L. Cowen (p. 10) Who are they now?, Elaine C.Stroud (p. 11)

Issue 6 (Spring 2003)

History of Pharmacy and the History of the South, David L.Cowen (pp. 1-5)
Edwin W. Grove, Pharmacist, Entrepreneur, and Host to the Rich and Famous, Monica Ali and Warren, Flynn (pp. 9-10)
Sears Roebuck & Co., William H.Helfand (p. 11)

Issue 7 (Fall 2003)

What is in a Name? Edward Parrish on the Profession of Pharmacy (1866), Greg Higby (pp. 1-2)
A Discourse on Titles, Etc., Edward Parrish (pp. 2-5)
Parson’s Purgative Pills, William H. Helfand (p. 6)
Drugs for Feudal Japan—A Woodcut, Glenn Sonnedecker (pp. 7-9)
Philatelic Practicing Pharmacists, George Griffenhagen (pp. 11-13)

Issue 8 (Fall 2004)

Headline: Lewis & Clark Bought Imported Drugs!, Gregory J.Higby (pp. 1-4)
Evolution of Drug Containers, George Griffenhagen (pp. 5-8)
Boom and Bust: Sassafras, David L.Cowen (p. 9)
Pioneer Village Apothecary Shop (Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN), Mark Zacharias (pp. 11-12)

Issue 9 (Fall 2005)

Formation and Early Work of the Drug Laboratory, USDA Bureau of Chemistry, John P.Swann (pp. 1-9)

Issue 10 (Fall 2006)

Preparing and Dispensing Prescriptions during the Civil War Era, Guy R. Hassegawa (pp. 1-6)
A Note on Historical Plague Prevention, Michael R. Harris (pp. 8-9)
William Jenning Bryan, Clarence Darrow, and Pharmacist F. E. Robinson, Frank Pinchak (pp. 9-12)

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