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Table of Contents for Apothecary’s Cabinet (AC) articles:

Issue 1  (Fall 2000)

Pharmacy in the American Century, Gregory J.Higby (pp. 1-5)
Philatelic Recognition of History of Pharmacy, George Griffenhagen, ( pp. 6-8)
Greenies at Home, William H.Helfand, ( p. 9)
Glass Label Bottles in Pharmacy, (p. 11)
Le Coquetier, David L. Cowen, (p. 13) 

Issue 2 (Spring 2001)

Century of Change: The Coming of Miracle Drugs, John P. Swann (pp. 1-5)
Smoke Ball Cure, William H. Helfand (p. 7)
Early Drug Wholesalers, Gregory J. Higby (pp. 8-9)
Tying the Knot — Secundum Artem, David L. Cowen (p. 13)

Issue 3 (Fall 2001)

Collecting Pharmaceutical Antiques, Michael Harris and Charles Richardson (pp. 1-3)
Cigarette Cards, William H. Helfand (p. 4)
Emergence of American Pharmacy, Gregory J. Higby (pp. 7-10)
Drugstore and the Telephone, David L. Cowen(p. 11) 

Issue 4 (Spring 2002)

eAuctions and Pharmaceutical Antique Collecting—eCaveat Emptor, Anthony Palmieri III (pp. 1-4)
Swallowing the Pill, David L. Cowen (p. 6) Pharmacy and Exploration, Elaine C. Stroud (pp. 7-8)
Pharmacy over the Moon, Christiane Staiger (pp. 8-9)
Nineteenth-Century Manufacturing Promotion, William H. Helfand (p. 10)
Essay on “History,” WilliamZellmer (pp. 12-13)

Issue 5 (Fall 2002)

Pioneer Herbal Drug: The Early History of American Ginseng, Gregory J. Higby (pp. 1-6)
Throop Pharmacy Museum, Lee Anna Obos (pp. 7-8)
New York Quinine and Chemical works illustration, William H. Helfand(p. 9)
Industrial Origins and Pharmacy, David L. Cowen (p. 10) Who are they now?, Elaine C.Stroud (p. 11)

Issue 6 (Spring 2003)

History of Pharmacy and the History of the South, David L.Cowen (pp. 1-5)
Edwin W. Grove, Pharmacist, Entrepreneur, and Host to the Rich and Famous, Monica Ali and Warren, Flynn (pp. 9-10)
Sears Roebuck & Co., William H.Helfand (p. 11)

Issue 7 (Fall 2003)

What is in a Name? Edward Parrish on the Profession of Pharmacy (1866), Greg Higby (pp. 1-2)
A Discourse on Titles, Etc., Edward Parrish (pp. 2-5)
Parson’s Purgative Pills, William H. Helfand (p. 6)
Drugs for Feudal Japan—A Woodcut, Glenn Sonnedecker (pp. 7-9)
Philatelic Practicing Pharmacists, George Griffenhagen (pp. 11-13)

Issue 8 (Fall 2004)

Headline: Lewis & Clark Bought Imported Drugs!, Gregory J.Higby (pp. 1-4)
Evolution of Drug Containers, George Griffenhagen (pp. 5-8)
Boom and Bust: Sassafras, David L.Cowen (p. 9)
Pioneer Village Apothecary Shop (Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN), Mark Zacharias (pp. 11-12)

Issue 9 (Fall 2005)

Formation and Early Work of the Drug Laboratory, USDA Bureau of Chemistry, John P.Swann (pp. 1-9)

Issue 10 (Fall 2006)

Preparing and Dispensing Prescriptions during the Civil War Era, Guy R. Hassegawa (pp. 1-6)
A Note on Historical Plague Prevention, Michael R. Harris (pp. 8-9)
William Jenning Bryan, Clarence Darrow, and Pharmacist F. E. Robinson, Frank Pinchak (pp. 9-12)

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