About AIHP

The documentation and preservation of pharmacy’s heritage is the primary aim of the Institute.  We do this by making available a wide variety of materials related to scholarly, professional, and popular history of pharmacy.  We provide financial support for research designed to illuminate the history of the profession, the history of drug research and manufacturing, and the history of the uses of medicines in society.

AIHP serves as consultant to professional associations, teachers, libraries, museums, pharmacy schools, communications media, and scholars in the field. The Institute has cooperated with the agencies and associations of American pharmacy to promote professional development by providing historical research, information, and insight on the issues affecting pharmacy both past and present. The Institute sponsors symposia and workshops, often collaborating with groups like the American Pharmaceutical Association and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, to foster research and publishing on ethics, technology, and other issues of importance to the field.

The Institute is committed to fostering the teaching of the history of pharmacy in schools and colleges of pharmacy in the United States. We provide grants to help schools purchase needed resource and reference materials. Several Institute publications have become staples in history of pharmacy courses.

The AIHP supports both public and private collections of manuscript material and artifacts related to the profession. We collect and preserve the published and unpublished records of American pharmacy, and we serve as a clearinghouse for accurate information about pharmacy’s past.

The AIHP is publisher of the scholarly journal, Pharmacy in History.

To learn more about the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy and its programs, please visit our full website: https://aihp.org

“The history of pharmacy… is a curious and interesting study, even to the non-professional inquirer… The records of the past are full of teaching to those who consult them earnestly.” –William Procter, Jr., “Father of American Pharmacy”

AIHP Board of Directors
  • William Zellmer, President
  • Arthur Daemmrich, Vice President
  • Clarke Ridgway, Treasurer
  • Robert Buerki, Secretary
  • Melissa Murer Corrigan, Member at Large
  • John Grabentsein, Member at Large
  • David Herzberg, Member at Large
  • Angela Long, Member at Large
  • Catherine Taglieri, Member at Large
  • Dennis Birke, Executive Director
  • Dean Steven Swanson, Ex Officio

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