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PharmD Admission Process: Application Materials


Important Notes Concerning the Fall 2017 Rolling Admissions Process

  • The Fall 2017 admissions cycle instructions will be posted in early June.
  • While most of our process will remain the same, we will be participating in Early Decision for Fall 2017 admission.
  • Early Decision applicants are highly encouraged to take the July PCAT.
  • For more information on Early Decision, please visit the PharmCAS Early Decision Informational Page.
  • The deadline for Fall 2017 admission is January 5, 2017; however, we are encouraging students to apply early as space in the class and interview dates begin to fill as the deadline approaches.
  • The PharmCAS application will be available July 15, 2016.  The Supplemental Application will be available at the end of July, 2016. 
  • The UW-Madision Supplemental Application fee will be $75.
  • We will accept all of the 2016-2017 PCAT exam dates. Note that your application will not be reviewed without an official PCAT score submitted to PharmCAS.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Team at or 608-262-6234.

Jeremy J. Altschafl
Assistant Dean & Director of Admissions
UW-Madison School of Pharmacy

Required Application Materials for Fall 2016 (part 1 of 4)

All applicants must submit the following materials. Detailed information about these materials can be found in the section below:

  1. PharmCAS Application  (Deadline: January 4, 2016)
  2. UW-Madison Supplemental Application and Application Fee (e-submit to UW-Madison) (Deadline: January 4, 2016)
  3. PCAT Exam (sent to PharmCAS)
  4. 3 Letters of Recommendation (sent to PharmCAS)
  5. Official College Transcripts (sent to PharmCAS)
  6. AP, IB and other Test Scores (score for each exam must be provided on the PharmCAS application)
  7. For Permanent Residents: (Non-U.S. citizens who have obtained permanent residency in the U.S.) 
    Please mail or email a photocopy of your Visa/Green Card to the School of Pharmacy.  If you choose to email the photocopy, please email it to (private and secure email that only is accessible by Jeremy Altschafl, the Director of Admissions).
  8. For International Applicants: TOEFL Exam, Visa Documentation, Foreign Transcript Evaluation, & Financial Certification
  9. For Reapplicants: Information for Reapplicants

You may find it useful to keep track of the application process via the PharmD Application Checklist.

PharmCAS Application

Candidates apply online via PharmCAS in the fall semester prior to the year in which they are seeking admission.  The deadline is January 4, 2016.  All college transcripts, letters of recommendation and PCAT scores should be sent to PharmCAS.  Applicants who are re-applying need to resubmit ALL application materials.  Application materials cannot be used from one year to the next;  however, some of your previous year's data will be saved. Be sure to select the reapplication login when you begin your PharmCAS application. We encourage Fall 2016 applicants to complete the PharmCAS application as soon as possible because we use a rolling admissions process.  Interviews will begin in October.

UW-Madison Supplemental Application & Application Fee

A UW-Madison supplemental application, along with a $56 application fee, is required for all applicants.  The deadline is also January 4, 2016).    The application fee can be submitted via credit card at the time of submission.  If paying by check is preferred, the non-refundable supplemental application fee must be sent directly to the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy in the form of check or money order made payable to the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Paying by credit card is preferred.  The supplemental application is entirely online and must be submitted online.  The Fall 2016 supplemental application will be made available in mid-July and can be completed at the same time as the PharmCAS Application.  We encourage Fall 2016 applicants to complete the Supplemental application as soon as possible because we use a rolling admissions process.  All applicants can begin the supplemental application as soon as a PharmCAS ID is created. Interviews will begin in October.


The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is required.  Scores must be sent to PharmCAS (code number 104).  We will not accept scores sent directly to the University of Wisconsin.  The PCAT must be taken prior to the application deadline. Your PCAT exam must be taken no later than January of 2016 for Fall 2016 admission.  Pre-registration for the exam is required; please see dates listed on the PCAT website.  PCAT scores must be from 2013 or more recent.  Scores from 2012 and before will not be accepted. 

3 Letters of Recommendation

Three PharmCAS letters of recommendation are required.  Electronic submission is strongly preferred.  You will need to designate your evaluators as part of your PharmCAS application.  All applicants must use PharmCAS recommendation forms.  PharmCAS recommendation forms for Fall 2016 admission will not be available until the PharmCAS application is available. Letter of recommendation requirements:

  • Three (3) letters on PharmCAS forms
  • One of the three letters must be from a college-level math or science instructor (professor, lecturer, teaching assistant)
  • One of the three letters must be from a non-classroom setting (work/volunteer supervisor)
  • The third letter can be from anyone EXCEPT:
    1. Politician
    2. Friend
    3. Family Member
    4. Co-Worker (equal in standing)
Official College Transcripts

All official transcripts must be sent to PharmCAS.  Transcripts sent to the University of Wisconsin during the application period WILL NOT be accepted.  Official transcripts from International colleges/universities will not be accepted.  International coursework must be evaluated by ECE or WES.  See the International Application section for additional information.

AP, IB and other Test Scores

If you wish to receive credit for AP or IB coursework, the coursework must be identified on one or more of your college transcripts (each AP exam must be transferred in as a course with credits on your current transcript).  We understand that very few transcripts show the actual AP score earned.  Because of this, you must self-disclose, digitally, your AP or IB scores on your PharmCAS application.  DO NOT SEND SCORE REPORTS TO PHARMCAS.  Your credit will be granted according to UW-Madison Credit by Exam policies.  If your AP classes are not showing up on your current transcript, please contact UW-Madison Admissions.  If you are having difficulty finding the area in the PharmCAS application to enter scores, please contact PharmCAS Customer Service. In the PharmCAS "adding courses" section, the score is entered in a box labeled "Test Score" which is directly below the "Special Classification" section where you would select Advanced Placement.  

NOTE:  If your college transcripts do not list each course transferred in from your AP tests (for example, it just lists 20 AP credits), contact PharmCAS Customer Service about how to enter the scores, and email the Director of Admissions ( to manually inform the school of your scores.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND SCORE REPORTS TO PHARMCAS.

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